Release Notes - Spring Web Flow - Version 2.4.2 - HTML format


  • [SWF-1645] - After a submit with p:commandButton with ajax="false" and validation error, all values are cleared in form
  • [SWF-1650] - Detection of MyFaces implementation is still not sufficient
  • [SWF-1652] - When i try to do a transition of states, the system gives me "java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/sun/faces/component/CompositeComponentStackManager"
  • [SWF-1656] - Detection of MyFaces on WebSphere 8.5
  • [SWF-1668] - ConversationContainer is not threadsafe


  • [SWF-1657] - SecurityFlowExecutionListener is not compatible with Spring Security 4
  • [SWF-1663] - FaceletsAuthorizeTag uses properties if*Granted which have been removed in spring-security 4


  • [SWF-1651] - Method getFlowId() from [] does not return correct Flow Id when using [classpath*] as the base-path, and a VfsResource as the Resource parameter ( used by JBoss AS 7 , WildFly 8 )
  • [SWF-1662] - parent flows are not refreshed

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