Release Notes - Spring Web Services - Version 1.5.2 - HTML format


  • [SWS-345] - WSS4J interceptor creates creates invalid digest for SAAJ messages
  • [SWS-353] - Schema inlining results in duplicate inlining of files referenced from multiple files
  • [SWS-355] - mistakes in the Spring webservices online tutorial


  • [SWS-354] - Document AbstractValidatingMarshallingPayloadEndpoint and AbstractFaultCreatingValidatingMarshallingPayloadEndpoint


  • [SWS-302] - Need to prevent parsing server-side responses and client-side requests into axiom trees if using axiom and payload caching is off
  • [SWS-329] - SaajContentHandler shouldn't repeat namespace declarations
  • [SWS-344] - Add @Endpoints support to AbstractEndpointExceptionResolver

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