Release Notes - Spring Web Services - Version 2.0 RC1 - HTML format


  • [SWS-631] - Create Client-Side testing framework
  • [SWS-632] - Create Server-Side testing framework
  • [SWS-651] - Add documentation for testing framework


  • [SWS-640] - evaluateAsBoolean returns true for node with text content "false"

New Feature

  • [SWS-352] - Full streaming WebServiceMessage/SoapMessage
  • [SWS-642] - Support resolving SOAP header elements in @Endpoint method parameters
  • [SWS-643] - Create TransformerHelper class


  • [SWS-639] - Deprecate redundant XML classes


  • [SWS-544] - Add test framework for Spring WS
  • [SWS-635] - handleUsernameTokenUnknown() should attach root cause
  • [SWS-641] - Make sentMessageTracingLogger independent from receivedMessageTracingLogger
  • [SWS-648] - Document Spring-WS Security exception handling
  • [SWS-650] - AxiomSoapMessageFactory does not provide way to set properties on XMLInputFactory

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