Release Notes - Spring Web Services - Version 2.0.1 - HTML format


  • [SWS-242] - Allow for custom ErrorHandler in PayloadValidatingInterceptor
  • [SWS-681] - Manifest files in 2.0.0 release are incorrect
  • [SWS-682] - ExceptionResolver order is reversed
  • [SWS-691] - Annotation-driven tag does not support ws-addressing @Action
  • [SWS-698] - EndpointExceptionResolver is not registered automatically when used together with <sws:annotation-driven/> tag
  • [SWS-699] - XomPayloadMethodProcessor is not added methodReturnValueHandlers in DefaultMethodEndpointAdapter


  • [SWS-685] - Fix broken references in the reference doc


  • [SWS-551] - Support @Secured for @PayloadRoot methods
  • [SWS-676] - SOAP Envelope prefix
  • [SWS-683] - Improve the Maven archetype
  • [SWS-684] - Allow for bean references inside the <interceptors> namespace element
  • [SWS-686] - Make the locationURI in dynamic wsdls mandatory
  • [SWS-694] - Print SOAP message if validation fails

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