Release Notes - Spring Web Services - Version 2.0.3 - HTML format


  • [SWS-687] - Attachment content id is resetted by spring web service
  • [SWS-702] - sws:annotation-driven does not pick up @Endpoint annotations on classes that are JDK proxies
  • [SWS-709] - JavaDoc for WebServiceTemplate#setFaultMessageResolver has wrong default class
  • [SWS-713] - Order of interceptor calls is dependent on the way the interceptors are included
  • [SWS-718] - Reloading the spring context does not refresh the MessageDispatcherServlet
  • [SWS-720] - samples build failure
  • [SWS-721] - EndpointExceptionResolver mentions SOAP but this interface is not necessarily SOAP releated
  • [SWS-724] - DefaultConcretePartProvider is not allowing a blank suffix, due to improper assertion
  • [SWS-726] - CryptoFactoryBean keystore location can't resolve ClassPathResource where resource is located in a jar
  • [SWS-727] - building a webapp targetting Java 1.5 environment on JDK5 and JDK6 pulled in different dependencies for spring-ws-core 2.0.2
  • [SWS-732] - OSGi manifest version range for javax.servlet package import too restrictive
  • [SWS-733] - Typo in marshalSendAndReceive javadoc
  • [SWS-734] - Project can not be built with Maven 3, missing extension dependency
  • [SWS-737] - EndpointInterceptorAdapter removes "throws Exception" from handleFault() method defined by EndpointInterceptor
  • [SWS-739] - Spring WS Core manifest prevents usage of javax.servlet version 3.0.0


  • [SWS-715] - Upgrade Spring Security to 3.0.6
  • [SWS-728] - OXM chapter not linked from the index page


  • [SWS-697] - Support Maven 3 Remove legacy xws-security
  • [SWS-710] - Make it possible to retrieve SoapHeaderElement from SoapHeader by QName
  • [SWS-714] - MockWebServiceClient.sendRequest swallows StackTrace of exceptions thrown during request processing
  • [SWS-716] - PayloadTransformingInterceptor.afterPropertiesSet() and TransformerFactory.newInstance()
  • [SWS-717] - Impossible to add custom error handling during JAXB marshalling/unmarshalling.
  • [SWS-725] - Add a constructor/setter to WebServiceTemplate which takes a Marshaller and assigns it as both Marshaller and Unmarshaller
  • [SWS-735] - JmsMessageReceiverConnection: use of correlationId on request should be configurable


  • [SWS-723] - Wss4jSecurityInterceptor design

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