Release Notes - Spring Web Services - Version 2.1.2 - HTML format


  • [SWS-797] - XsdSchemaHandlerAdapter does not transform schema locations
  • [SWS-806] - @ symbol in the content-id is converted to %40. The receiving web server is not able to handle it

New Feature

  • [SWS-807] - Introduce FactoryBean for
  • [SWS-808] - add support to pass in sslSocketFactory to


  • [SWS-796] - Ability to specify SAML properties file in Wss4jInterceptor
  • [SWS-798] - Ensure that only valid Java Identifiers are added to JMS headers
  • [SWS-803] - WebServiceTemple -> add logRequest method analogue to existing logResponse
  • [SWS-811] - When using annotation-driven register the SoapHeaderElementMethodArgumentResolver by default.
  • [SWS-812] - Document @SoapHeader in reference guide


  • [SWS-804] - WebServiceMessageReceiverHandlerAdapter not easily overridable to produce SOAP faults

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