Release Notes - Spring Web Services - Version 2.1.3 - HTML format


  • [SWS-814] - EndPointIntercepters do not respect the (Autowired) properties provided in beans XML
  • [SWS-815] - Error loading SAML properties file
  • [SWS-816] - Missing encoding in dom4j element/document
  • [SWS-817] - Camel Spring-WS and AbstractAddressingEndpointMapping
  • [SWS-819] - SimpleNamespaceContext.removeBinding() does not clean up all references
  • [SWS-822] - NoSuchMethodError after upgrading to AXIOM 1.2.14
  • [SWS-824] - In v 2.1.0, dispatch method of MessageDispatcher does not call processEndpointException method if response schema validation fails
  • [SWS-825] - Binary data get inlined when using JAXB for marshaling MTOM-enabled Axiom SOAP messages
  • [SWS-828] - Setting bspCompliant = false has effect only for first request


  • [SWS-774] - Migrate to springsource github


  • [SWS-813] - Cannot use jms MessagePostProcessor support with WebServiceMessageDrivenBean
  • [SWS-821] - Not possible to create wrapped doc/literal wsdls with SuffixBasedPortTypesProvider

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