Release Notes - Spring Batch - Version 4.0.1 - HTML format


  • [BATCH-2465] - JdbcPagingItemReader
  • [BATCH-2519] - Two minor typo's in the documentation
  • [BATCH-2537] - @Primary datasource with @EnableBatchProcessing does not work for using multiple datasources
  • [BATCH-2663] - Filter count become incorrect when a skip happen in the writer
  • [BATCH-2667] - Stopping a job from a different JVM throws a NoSuchJobException
  • [BATCH-2668] - Build failing on CET timezone
  • [BATCH-2680] - JobParameters deserialization fails


  • [BATCH-2161] - WARN: @Bean method StepScopeConfiguration.stepScope is non-static
  • [BATCH-2564] - Consider Changing AutomaticJobRegistrar to Implement SmartLifeCycle
  • [BATCH-2662] - 1.1.1 Restartability documentation java example is using XML code colors
  • [BATCH-2669] - Incorrect code examples in "Configuring and Running a Job" documentation
  • [BATCH-2672] - Consider adding an encoding(String) method in FlatFileItemReaderBuilder
  • [BATCH-2673] - Provide Spring Batch 4.x PDF documentation
  • [BATCH-2676] - Incorrect documentation content in the distribution
  • [BATCH-2679] - Add "Back to index" link to the sidebar in the reference documentation
  • [BATCH-2682] - Add link to the single page documentation in the index

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