Release Notes - Spring Integration - Version 4.1.4 - HTML format


  • [INT-3612] - Memory leak in JSch
  • [INT-3698] - Memory leak in HttpRequestExecutingMessageHandler
  • [INT-3700] - FeedEntryMessageSource Improperly Calculates Proper Last Entry Processed Date
  • [INT-3712] - SyslogToMapTransformer doesn't split TAG and MESSAGE fields correctly
  • [INT-3715] - Fix Thread-Safety in the SyslogToMapTransformer

New Feature

  • [INT-3706] - (S)FTP - Add Property to Allow Overwriting Existing Files when Fetching With Outbound Gateway


  • [INT-3711] - Incorrect Aggregator Interface Name in Reference Documentation


  • [INT-3645] - Upgrade to Paho MQTT Client 1.0.x when the Artifactory mirror will be fixed
  • [INT-3696] - FtpFileInfo class uses StringBuffer.
  • [INT-3701] - Add ServiceInterface to GatewayProxyBean BeanDefinition Metadata
  • [INT-3704] - Make SimpleMetadataStore configurable for the ConcurrentMap, e.g. IMap from Hazelcast

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