Release Notes - Spring Integration - Version 4.0.8 - HTML format


  • [INT-3698] - Memory leak in HttpRequestExecutingMessageHandler
  • [INT-3700] - FeedEntryMessageSource Improperly Calculates Proper Last Entry Processed Date
  • [INT-3715] - Fix Thread-Safety in the SyslogToMapTransformer
  • [INT-3744] - Expose the Underlying IMAP receivedDate Property
  • [INT-3751] - Script Result Variable Not Populated By PythonScriptExecutor
  • [INT-3765] - The ListableBeanFactory.getBeanNamesForType(Class<?> type) causes NoSuchBeanDefinitionException in case of channel auto-creation
  • [INT-3767] - JpaInboundChannelAdapterParser doesn't parse "parameter-source"
  • [INT-3837] - Socket Timeout is Not Propagated to Gateway Send Thread
  • [INT-3841] - AmqpChannelFactoryBean NPE
  • [INT-3850] - CacheWritingMessageHandler doesn't use EvaluationContext for cache entries expressions
  • [INT-3853] - Embedded values aren't resolved for the Messaging Annotations if we use <property-placeholder> instead of @PropertySource
  • [INT-3859] - Issue coming up while polling for email


  • [INT-3774] - Update Groovy to 2.4.4
  • [INT-3843] - Backport INT-3801: TcpNioServerConnectionFactory produces NPE for the serverChannel when the stop() is called
  • [INT-3845] - Backport INT-3634: NPE in Header Channel Registry


  • [INT-3696] - FtpFileInfo class uses StringBuffer.
  • [INT-3835] - Error in the documentation


  • [INT-3848] - NPE in ConsumerEndpointFactoryBean

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