Release Notes - Spring Integration - Version 4.2.GA - HTML format


  • [INT-3804] - WatchServiceDirectoryScanner does not handle OVERFLOW event
  • [INT-3805] - The AbstractMethodAnnotationPostProcessor uses `beanFactory.initializeBean` twice for the auto-created channels
  • [INT-3807] - Rabbit Template hardcoded in Amqp Gateway
  • [INT-3810] - AMQP Inbound Gateway NPE with No ReplyTo
  • [INT-3821] - Message details are blank

New Feature

  • [INT-1337] - Simple support for routing message payloads to listeners by type


  • [INT-3733] - Final Documentation polishing for GA release
  • [INT-3808] - DefaultAmqpHeaderMapper should not copy over x-received-from header
  • [INT-3812] - The current documentation of SI uses deprecated xml attribute
  • [INT-3814] - Update to SF 4.2.1
  • [INT-4516] - Update Spring Integration 4.1 to 4.2 Migration Guide


  • [INT-3671] - Document Generated Bean Names for Annotated @Bean EIP Endpoints
  • [INT-3732] - Document Advanced @Aggregator Configuration
  • [INT-3769] - Be more friendly with current Spring Integration
  • [INT-3813] - Consider some performance improvement for HTTP components
  • [INT-3818] - PassThroughMultipartConverter


  • [INT-3820] - The reflection method invocation doesn't scan interface methods on advised Proxy classes

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