Release Notes - Spring Integration - Version 4.2 RC1 - HTML format


  • [INT-3491] - (S)FTP DelegatingSessionFactory
  • [INT-3776] - Add Codec support to SI core
  • [INT-3777] - Reference guide still mentions SI 4.1.x version in the Requirements paragraph


  • [INT-3683] - Fix "GROUP_TO_MESSAG_PK" typo in the schema.sql.vpp
  • [INT-3741] - Spring Integration Core pulls in old Spring Core library via Spring Retry
  • [INT-3765] - The ListableBeanFactory.getBeanNamesForType(Class<?> type) causes NoSuchBeanDefinitionException in case of channel auto-creation
  • [INT-3766] - Fix GPFB Reactor Detection
  • [INT-3767] - JpaInboundChannelAdapterParser doesn't parse "parameter-source"
  • [INT-3773] - int-sftp:outbound-channel-adapter fails to write remote file if mode is FAIL or IGNORE, even when remote file doesn't exist
  • [INT-3788] - Correct Poller Documentation
  • [INT-3790] - All channel adapter parsers must extend AbstractChannelAdapterParser
  • [INT-3792] - New Sonar Issues
  • [INT-3793] - Inconsistant namespaces in xml
  • [INT-3794] - SocketUtils.findAvailableSocket Should Bind to localhost
  • [INT-3795] - Stacking FailoverCCF on top of CachingCCF does not work
  • [INT-3796] - SFTP blindly accepts new keys and key changes
  • [INT-3798] - There can only be one PropertiesPersistingMetadataStore (per directory)
  • [INT-3799] - Fix Tangles
  • [INT-3801] - TcpNioServerConnectionFactory produces NPE for the serverChannel when the stop() is called

New Feature

  • [INT-2166] - Adding support for SecurityContext Propagation
  • [INT-3229] - Enable directory scanning with java 7 feature - WatchService
  • [INT-3649] - Cover new ApplicationEvent support in the Spring Framework 4.2
  • [INT-3736] - Add a Process Barrier Component
  • [INT-3764] - Add a FileListFilter<File> Checking LastModifiedDate
  • [INT-3779] - Add Codec-Based Transformers and MessageConverters


  • [INT-3401] - Eliminate the Guava dependency and switch to Spring Framework Cache abstraction
  • [INT-3425] - Consider to deprecate TcpConnectionEventListeningMessageProducer in favor of generic ApplicationEventListeningMessageProducer
  • [INT-3774] - Update Groovy to 2.4.4
  • [INT-3778] - Add XML configuration support for STOMP adapters and Document the module
  • [INT-3780] - Update to Gradle 2.5
  • [INT-3782] - Fix Warnings After Dockbook Plugin Upgrade
  • [INT-3785] - Spring Data Fowler SR2
  • [INT-3786] - Fix some sporadic or stable test failures on Bamboo or locally
  • [INT-3789] - Upgrade to Spring Framework 4.2 and raise other possible dependencies
  • [INT-3797] - SFTP sessionCacheSize documentation is incorrect
  • [INT-3802] - Update to Spring AMQP 1.5.0.RC1


  • [INT-2466] - <int-ws:inbound-gateway> propagate the 'soap action' to request-channel
  • [INT-3566] - JMS Outbound Gateway Improvement
  • [INT-3567] - Implement JMS 2.0 shared subscriptions
  • [INT-3587] - Add Option To Lazy Start and Stop the JMS Reply Listener Container.
  • [INT-3593] - Add a PartialUpdateException
  • [INT-3611] - Add support for new features from Spring WebSockets, e.g. WebSocketHandlerDecoratorFactory to support Spring Session
  • [INT-3619] - filter defined in scanner gets overwritten by the one defined in FileReadingMessageSource
  • [INT-3622] - FTP/SFTP: Introduce MessageSessionCallback
  • [INT-3756] - Allow for a more user-friendly way to disable fullstat metrics
  • [INT-3763] - Support Dynamic Remote Directory on (S)FTP Inbound Adapters
  • [INT-3772] - Add the ability to specify a PreparedStatementCallback on a int-jdbc:outbound-channel-adapter
  • [INT-3781] - Http Inbound Gateway Timeout
  • [INT-3784] - DMLC: Set SessionTransacted to True By Default
  • [INT-3791] - AMQP - If Pub Confirm CorrelationData is a Message, Don't Wrap
  • [INT-3800] - Expose the Selected Port if a ConnectionFactory is Configured to Listen on a Random Port


  • [INT-3783] - Make project compatible with IO-2.0 according to the compatibility with Gradle 2.5
  • [INT-3803] - Having the Reactor as "optional" dependency and using its interfaces as inner implementations causes NoClassDefFoundError


  • [INT-3755] - Separate Metrics Enablement from IntegrationMBeanExporter

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