Release Notes - Spring Integration - Version 4.3.2 - HTML format


  • [INT-4078] - Incorrect header handling in resequencer
  • [INT-4082] - MongoDbMessageStore Could not determine IsNewStrategy Error
  • [INT-4083] - RedisLockRegistryTests testTwoThreadsDifferentRegistries fails intermittently
  • [INT-4087] - ZookeeperLockRegistry doesn't honor Lock protocol
  • [INT-4088] - ZookeeperLeaderTests testLeader fails intermittently
  • [INT-4097] - PoorMansMailServer.ImapServer doesn't provide a proper IMAPMessage when HeaderMapper is provided for adapter
  • [INT-4102] - JmsMessageDrivenEndpoint should mark container as autoStratup = true
  • [INT-4103] - PollableAmqpChannel Reverses HeaderMappers
  • [INT-4105] - RedisLockRegistry must unlock local lock in the obtain() if the target Redis lock has been expired
  • [INT-4108] - FileReadingMessageSource doesn't honor running flag in the start()/stop()
  • [INT-4109] - NPE in IntegrationGraphServer


  • [INT-4066] - RmiOutboundGateway needs to facilitate the propagation of the security context
  • [INT-4080] - Emit an event for a failure to create a Tcp connection in the first place
  • [INT-4085] - AbstractRequestHandlerAdvice - target doesnt have wrapper to get component name
  • [INT-4096] - Add Header Black List for AbstractReplyProducingMessageHandler

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