Release Notes - Spring Integration - Version 5.0.M2 - HTML format


  • [INT-4180] - RLR Spec Passes null to a Method that Asserts notNull
  • [INT-4183] - Provide a Mechanism to Configure SSL Handshake Timeout
  • [INT-4184] - Fix Missing Poller in (S)FTP Java Config Docs
  • [INT-4193] - Split Messages with large header and Aggregate them will lead in cost increasing since Spring Integration 4.3.4
  • [INT-4198] - Allow PostProcessing SSLEngine in a Similar Manner to SSLSockets
  • [INT-4199] - Useless Assertion in Paho Converter (if stack trace suppressed).
  • [INT-4201] - GatewayMethodInboundMessageMapper - annotation alias resolution not working
  • [INT-4202] - StoredProcOutboundGateway produces NPE in case of null from the DB and expect-single-result="true"

New Feature

  • [INT-3335] - Implement an int-mongo:outbound-gateway
  • [INT-4173] - Pagination for mongodb inbound adapter


  • [INT-4125] - Upgrade STOMP module to the latest spring-messaging foundation
  • [INT-4177] - Revert DefaultConversionServiceChanges
  • [INT-4179] - Upgrade to Spring Social Twitter 2.0


  • [INT-4007] - Consider adding more build info into the Manifest
  • [INT-4134] - DSL: add IntegrationFlows.from(MyGateway.class)...
  • [INT-4181] - Pull channels and handlers metrics outside of IntegrationMBeanExporter
  • [INT-4182] - Replace SimpleDateFormat Usage with Thread-Safe Java 8 DateTimeFormatter
  • [INT-4187] - Add Option to disable or don't start thread for stderr in FileTailInboundChannelAdapterFactoryBean
  • [INT-4188] - Introduce idleInterval for tailing adapter
  • [INT-4195] - O(n) Search in SequenceAwareMessageGroup Prohibitive
  • [INT-4196] - Support CollectionCallback in MongoDB Outbound Gateway
  • [INT-4197] - MessagingMethodInvokerHelper Error Message Improvement
  • [INT-4203] - Make ExpressionEvaluatingRequestHandlerAdvice DSL-Friendly


  • [INT-4071] - Consider to remove transitional global properties

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