Release Notes - Spring Integration - Version 4.3.5 - HTML format


  • [INT-4132] - SourcePollingChannelAdapter: the MessageSource must be started before scheduling the polling task
  • [INT-4141] - AbstractRemoteFileStreamingMessageSource returns an Exception Instead of Throwing It
  • [INT-4144] - Ensure LoggingHandler is robust against NPE
  • [INT-4145] - AsyncAmqpGatewayTests testConfirmsAndReturns fails intermittently
  • [INT-4147] - Watch Service Inbound File Adapter; Reversible Filter Doesn't Work with Default Configuration
  • [INT-4148] - Do Not Wrap Listener Exceptions in MessagingException
  • [INT-4163] - When MessageSource is proxyed (e.g. AbstractMessageSourceAdvice), the tx sync logic doesn't work


  • [INT-4129] - Add Discard Channel to BarrierMessageHandler
  • [INT-4131] - AMQP: Enhance Support for Delayed Message Exchange
  • [INT-4139] - Consider Automatically Registering the CORS Configurer Bean for Flo


  • [INT-4146] - FileWritingMessageHandler should be protected around OutstreamStream creation errors

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