Release Notes - Spring Integration - Version 4.2.13 - HTML format


  • [INT-4175] - DefaultSftpSessionFactory.getSession() race condition when isSharedSession
  • [INT-4176] - GemFire tests fail intermittently with "java.lang.RuntimeException: could not fork cache server"
  • [INT-4238] - MQTT Doesn't Detect a Subscription Error
  • [INT-4243] - org.springframework.integration.sftp.session.SftpSessionFactoryTests testDefaultUserInfoTrue fails intermittently
  • [INT-4250] - Rate Statistics Mean Does Not Decay with Time via getStatistics()
  • [INT-4341] - RedisQueueMessageDrivenEndpoint setReceiveTimeout(): Javadoc does not match code
  • [INT-4342] - DeserializingConverter Needs Class/Package White Listing
  • [INT-4373] - Error count is incremented in DefaultMessageChannelMetrics when countsEnabled=true even if there are no errors


  • [INT-4266] - Revise Gemfire integration tests for potential leaks of not stopped JVM forks


  • [INT-4167] - ZkLockRegistryTests fails intermittently


  • [INT-3918] - Rework HttpOutboundGatewayWithMethodExpression do not fail on "Address already in use"

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