Release Notes - Spring Integration - Version 4.3.10 - HTML format


  • [INT-4248] - RedisLockRegistry does not release lock after TTL expiry
  • [INT-4262] - Possible bug in schema-drop-mysql.sql file
  • [INT-4270] - Allow MessageChannels and MessageHandlers to be Proxied with CGLib
  • [INT-4272] - MessageBuilder Does Not Honor readOnlyHeaders for Unchanged Message
  • [INT-4284] - java.time.Instant wrong type mapping with @Header

New Feature

  • [INT-628] - ErrorHandler strategy
  • [INT-2116] - Support Capture of Original Inbound Message in ErrorMessage


  • [INT-4266] - Revise Gemfire integration tests for potential leaks of not stopped JVM forks


  • [INT-2107] - jms:inbound-gateway looses JMS properties in error flow
  • [INT-4257] - Make ErrorMessageSendingRecoverer more generic and introduce ErrorMessageStrategy for customization
  • [INT-4276] - Add header black listing specifically for AbstractReplyProducingMessageHandler
  • [INT-4288] - Allow additive header black listing


  • [INT-4259] - In the AbstractCorrelatingMessageHandler make rescheduling group log message as a WARN
  • [INT-4267] - Make JSON serialization in MessageStore implementations much easy and reliable

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