Release Notes - Spring Integration - Version 5.0 GA - HTML format


  • [INT-3876] - Fix AbstractCorrelatingMessageHandler to expire only own groups
  • [INT-4362] - Failure in MethodInvokingMessageHandler
  • [INT-4364] - Rework More TCP Tests to Use port 0

New Feature

  • [INT-1685] - Add support for a mid-flow "gateway" to support transactions, error-handling, etc.


  • [INT-4277] - Move DSL Reference to Main Documentation


  • [INT-2576] - JDBC Message Store Iterates Over Messages to Delete
  • [INT-2646] - Prevent Gemfire Cross-Talk in Builds
  • [INT-4169] - Support for appending arbitrary query string parameters to outgoing requests in HTTP outbound gateway/adapter
  • [INT-4291] - Add option to the ExpressionEvaluatingSqlParameterSourceFactory for paramenter sql types configuration
  • [INT-4361] - Missing @Role Equivalent in DSL
  • [INT-4363] - Provide a mechanism to configure the MessageHandlerMethodFactory
  • [INT-4365] - Revisit header propagation on service activators
  • [INT-4372] - Sample how to configure delayer via Annotations and Java DSL


  • [INT-4294] - AbstractCorrelatingMessageHandler: Messages not cleaned from MessageStore on Exception in sendOutputs


  • [INT-550] - Refactor registration of DefaultConfiguringBeanFactoryPostProcessor

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