Release Notes - Spring Integration - Version 5.0 RC1 - HTML format


  • [INT-4314] - Message create using MutableMessageBuilder share same MessageHeaders object
  • [INT-4344] - NPE in AbstractRemoteFileOutboundGateway
  • [INT-4345] - ServerWebSocketContainer must implement SmartLifecycle
  • [INT-4350] - WebFluxInboundEndpoint translates all non-200 HTTP status codes to NotAcceptableStatusException
  • [INT-4354] - RedisMessageStore uses incorrect classloader
  • [INT-4355] - int-ws:outbound-gateway does not send payload if not SOAP
  • [INT-4358] - WebFluxRequestExecutingMessageHandler fails silently

New Feature

  • [INT-4357] - User wants an Event when LockRegistryLeaderInitiator fails to obtain a lock.


  • [INT-4279] - Add Java DSL samples to the Reference Manual for TCP and UDP channel adapters
  • [INT-4346] - Stable module names for Spring Integration jars on JDK 9 module path


  • [INT-2462] - Global Channel Interceptor pattern matching should support java.util.regex.Pattern
  • [INT-3936] - Global Wire Tap Pattern Matching Improvements
  • [INT-4081] - Ease Customization of JDBC Message Store
  • [INT-4312] - MessagingMethodInvokerHelper Improvement
  • [INT-4313] - Implement ListenableMetadataStore in the GemfireMetadataStore
  • [INT-4334] - Support Configuring AbstractInboundFileSynchronizingMessageSource with a Custom Scanner
  • [INT-4343] - RedisInboundChannelAdapter should offer setters for executor used by RedisMessageListenerContainer
  • [INT-4349] - AMQP integration requires the 'sequenceNumber' header to be an Integer, but Long would work too (RabbitMQ UI compatibility)
  • [INT-4353] - Allow a user to set the id of the DefaultLockRepository via constructor
  • [INT-4356] - SFTP Adapters Docs


  • [INT-4360] - Consider some StompSubProtocolHandler variant to let to send messages from the client via SEND frame

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