Release Notes - Spring Integration - Version 5.0 M6 - HTML format


  • [INT-4308] - Document JdbcMetadataStore


  • [INT-4247] - JdbcLockRegistryLeaderInitiatorTests testDistributedLeaderElection fails intermittently
  • [INT-4271] - FileWritingMessageHandlerTests noFlushAppend fails intermittently
  • [INT-4295] - Fix Link(s) in Legacy Schema Warning
  • [INT-4296] - FileWritingMessageHandler Auto Flush Without Lock
  • [INT-4301] - RequestHandlerCircuitBreakerAdvice.CircuitBreakerOpenException Should be a MessagingException
  • [INT-4305] - FTP InBound Channel Adapter failed to overwrite exisitng file if enable preserve timestamp
  • [INT-4311] - JdbcLockRegistry is not handling QueryTimeoutException

New Feature

  • [INT-3625] - Support for Server-Sent Events (SSE)
  • [INT-4300] - Add support for WebFlux server side
  • [INT-4306] - Add JdbcMetadataStore implementation


  • [INT-4280] - Provide Java DSL API to inject dedicated TaskScheduler into the endpoints
  • [INT-4297] - Consider Adding an Option to FileSplitter to Carry the First Line as a Header in Each Row Message
  • [INT-4298] - Consider Adding HeaderPropagationAware Interface on ARPMH
  • [INT-4302] - Add fileExistsMode() to RemoteFileOutboundGatewaySpec
  • [INT-4303] - AbstractRemoteFileOutboundGateway and FileExistsMode.IGNORE
  • [INT-4304] - Add AbstractRemoteFileOutboundGateway deleteRemoteFile Option
  • [INT-4309] - Change DefaultHttpHeaderMapper Setters to use varArgs Instead of String[]
  • [INT-4316] - Support for Custom Jackson Mapper in ObjectToMapTransformer

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