Release Notes - Spring Integration - Version 5.0.1 - HTML format


  • [INT-4366] - DatagramPacketMulticastSendingHandlerTests verifySendMulticastWithAcks fails intermittently
  • [INT-4367] - Definition of service-activator in pojo-style does not work with annotaded parameters
  • [INT-4368] - SearchReceivingMessageSourceWithRedisTests fails when no Redis available
  • [INT-4373] - Error count is incremented in DefaultMessageChannelMetrics when countsEnabled=true even if there are no errors
  • [INT-4374] - ByteArrayElasticRawDeserializer returns an empty byte[] on second call
  • [INT-4378] - TCP Events on Intercepted Connections Do Not Contain the Connection Factory Name
  • [INT-4379] - JmsOutboundGateway does not shutdown the reply container
  • [INT-4382] - Deadlock in FileWritingMessageHandler


  • [INT-1313] - Consistently use log4j.xml or


  • [INT-826] - service-activator only invoke class methods and not interface ones
  • [INT-4369] - Add delivery attempt header
  • [INT-4371] - Add a mechanism to defer acknowledging/rejecting/requeing messages received from a MessageSource
  • [INT-4383] - Expose "errorChannel" on EnricherSpec


  • [INT-4376] - Move project to Log4j2 and depreacet Log4j 1.x components

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