Release Notes - Spring Integration - Version 5.0.2 - HTML format


  • [INT-4395] - Additional Micrometer Metrics
  • [INT-4396] - LockRegistryLeaderInitiator exits election loop for any exception
  • [INT-4407] - Log4j2LevelAdjuster Builder Pattern Problem
  • [INT-4408] - Custom error channel configuration ineffective in JavaConfig
  • [INT-4409] - WebServiceOutboundGateway ignores SoapAction from incoming SoapMessage
  • [INT-4410] - The 'integrationArgumentResolvers' bean brings additional argument resolvers affecting payload conversion


  • [INT-4401] - Document how to use Boot's maven tools to merge spring.factories etc. when using the maven shade plugin


  • [INT-4384] - Support Micrometer Metrics
  • [INT-4388] - Add UdpServerListeningEvent
  • [INT-4402] - Make @GlobalChannelInterceptor working for the dynamically created beans at runtime
  • [INT-4403] - Apply MetricsFactory for late-bound components.


  • [INT-4394] - Upgrade to Jackson 2.9.4 and fix JacksonJsonUtils.messagingAwareMapper() for compatibility

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