Release Notes - Spring Roo - Version 2.0.0.RC1 - HTML format


  • [ROO-3849] - "web mvc setup" appears again after mvc setup.
  • [ROO-3852] - Show child fields in parent views for one-to-one composition relations
  • [ROO-3853] - .aj files are not deleted when remove @RooController annotations
  • [ROO-3854] - Fix list view for entities which firs field is a referenced field
  • [ROO-3855] - Compilation error whith primitive types in version field
  • [ROO-3874] - Delete CSRF meta tags from view templates to use only those from layouts
  • [ROO-3891] - compile error when setting default return type of jpa repository to projection class
  • [ROO-3892] - com.querydsl.core.types.ExpressionException: No constructor found for class ...


  • [ROO-3848] - Update Spring Roo 2.0.0.RC1 documentation


  • [ROO-3851] - Move identifier and version fields to .java file
  • [ROO-3857] - Review field commands options and update them if needed
  • [ROO-3858] - Integrate the Maven wrapper
  • [ROO-3860] - Implement Controller URL generation using new support from Springlets
  • [ROO-3861] - Integrate JasperReports in Datatables for exporting to CSV, XLS and PDF
  • [ROO-3862] - Improve JavaDoc generation for generated methods and constructors
  • [ROO-3865] - Add suport for enum internationalization
  • [ROO-3866] - Add support for multiple selection and deletion in datatable listings
  • [ROO-3868] - New entity visualization support using a new format annotation
  • [ROO-3870] - Specify views where details should be displayed
  • [ROO-3871] - Automatic push-in of private fields used in method body.
  • [ROO-3872] - Support numeric input validation from client and server side
  • [ROO-3873] - All included fields should be private
  • [ROO-3876] - Fix URL generation to show forms from detail composition list
  • [ROO-3877] - Change DoD and tests implementation to use EntityManager instead of Spring Data Repositories
  • [ROO-3878] - Edit views should manage concurrency
  • [ROO-3879] - Create new integration tests using latest Spring boot support
  • [ROO-3882] - Update reference documentation
  • [ROO-3885] - Human readable values for displaying parent entities in selectboxes and view pages
  • [ROO-3893] - Manage concurrency during relationships update
  • [ROO-3896] - Release Spring Roo 2.0.0.RC1

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