Release Notes - Spring AMQP - Version 2.0.M2 - HTML format


  • [AMQP-682] - Fix Non-Managed DMLC with Spring-Managed Connection Factory
  • [AMQP-686] - Fix ImmediateAcknowledgeAmqpException Processing
  • [AMQP-687] - Container does not call rollbackOn
  • [AMQP-690] - Fix race condition causing SimpleMessageListenerContainer to drop consumers to zero
  • [AMQP-691] - Add Diagnostics to LogBack Appender
  • [AMQP-692] - MessagingMessageListenerAdapter.invokeHandler() should include amqpMessage argument to the ListenerExecutionFailedException


  • [AMQP-678] - Move JUnit @Rules to spring-rabbit-junit
  • [AMQP-688] - Remove Jackson1 Support


  • [AMQP-675] - Add support for TypeReference in RabbitTemplate
  • [AMQP-680] - Avoid allocations from Method.getParameterTypes() in MessagingMessageListenerAdapter
  • [AMQP-683] - Update javadocs to latest versions
  • [AMQP-685] - Use Supplier variants of Spring-Framework's core Assert utility
  • [AMQP-689] - RabbitConnectionFactoryBean: add setSkipServerCertificateValidation option

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