Release Notes - Spring AMQP - Version 1.7.4 - HTML format


  • [AMQP-762] - Semaphore permit leak leads to “No available channels” exception
  • [AMQP-764] - Allow Connection Use Until destroy() After Context Close
  • [AMQP-766] - Message.toString() Deserializes Java Without a White List


  • [AMQP-749] - Force Close the Channel if the Consumer Doesn't Terminate
  • [AMQP-750] - Add an option to treat PossibleAuthenticationFailureException as non-fatal
  • [AMQP-754] - Expose AbstractRabbitListenerContainerFactory's adviceChain using a getter
  • [AMQP-756] - Support for no-local consumers
  • [AMQP-759] - Expose queue size hook
  • [AMQP-761] - LogAppenders - Add Thread Name Header


  • [AMQP-747] - Jackson ClassMapper implementations are vulnerable for the CVE-2017-4995
  • [AMQP-765] - Shutdown application in Publisher Confirms mode ShutdownSignalException(reply-code=200) is thrown

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