Release Notes - Spring AMQP - Version 2.0.1 - HTML format


  • [AMQP-771] - Spring setCorrelationId and setCorrelationIdString
  • [AMQP-777] - Update Docs for 5.0 Client Compatibility
  • [AMQP-780] - SimpleMessageListenerContainer long wait for consumers to start when insufficient threads
  • [AMQP-782] - SimpleMessageListenerContainer does not emit an event in case of catching an Error
  • [AMQP-783] - Can't use blank key/trust store passwords
  • [AMQP-784] - Fix multimethod listeners with arbitrary annotations
  • [AMQP-785] - Race condition when SMLC.start() is called soon after a fatal exception.

New Feature

  • [AMQP-779] - Spring AMQP custom message correlation using an identifier generated by the app


  • [AMQP-763] - Allow custom queue implementation for AmqpAppender
  • [AMQP-776] - Consumer connection/disconnection event
  • [AMQP-781] - Log information about missing 'json' in content type
  • [AMQP-789] - Clarify Javadoc on MessagePostProcessor

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