Release Notes - Spring XD - Version 1.3 M1 - HTML format


  • [XD-3078] - Spring XD admin fails to redeploy modules after Spring XD container successfully reconnectes to Zookeeper
  • [XD-3266] - No pagination for Jobs / Deployments page in Admin UI
  • [XD-3306] - [Flo] Some streams can't be created using FLO
  • [XD-3321] - Make requirement for MD5 hash files configurable for the custom module registry
  • [XD-3335] - Kafka Source must set autoStartup=false on KafkaMessageDrivenChannelAdapter
  • [XD-3346] - Accessing step progress via REST fails with 403
  • [XD-3358] - Admin UI deploys job with wrong module count
  • [XD-3373] - First deploy/launch of Pig job that includes yarn-site.xml file fails
  • [XD-3506] - UI - Container List - Module Properties - Escape Passwords
  • [XD-3567] - Fix classpath and servlet container issues
  • [XD-3568] - AdminServer fails on HDP 2.3


  • [XD-2922] - Upgrade Spark version to 1.3.1
  • [XD-3118] - Update RPM script to include number of containers to be started
  • [XD-3161] - Add CI Acceptance Test for 1.2.x
  • [XD-3240] - Add better support for using control file with gpfdist
  • [XD-3241] - Add support for update in gpfdist sink
  • [XD-3378] - Upgrade HDP/PHD distrubutions
  • [XD-3387] - Hide the passwords in custom modules from being displayed.
  • [XD-3446] - The tooltip for source displays incorrect information when using HDFS as sink
  • [XD-3491] - Move Cassandra sink to XD proper
  • [XD-3492] - Move header-enricher to XD proper
  • [XD-3493] - Update SI, Spring, and AMQP dependencies
  • [XD-3501] - Admin UI container shutdown not working
  • [XD-3503] - Document the setting of the CORS allow_origin property
  • [XD-3560] - Better printing of array default valuesin documentation

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