Release Notes - Spring Roo - Version 1.2.2.RELEASE - HTML format


  • [ROO-3057] - DBRE many-to-many fields are not checked for uniqueness when added to ITD builder
  • [ROO-3064] - can't create multiple jms queues
  • [ROO-3066] - datanucleus-core-.jar 3.0.7 conflict with maven-datanucleus-plugin
  • [ROO-3071] - Stack overflow testing one-to-one relations
  • [ROO-3073] - Reference guide gives invalid JSON examples
  • [ROO-3075] - test integration command: --transactional option without effect
  • [ROO-3078] - Unable to create entity with name "Process"
  • [ROO-3079] - adding solr functionality to an entity breaks application
  • [ROO-3082] - Map two subclasses of the same abstract superclass into two persistence units
  • [ROO-3084] - Entity-to-String converters can generate empty String
  • [ROO-3086] - Naming conflict with local variable "document" conflicts with defining an entity type named "Document" which is solr searchable
  • [ROO-3087] - Using JPA inheritance with solr search causes compile errors due to name conflicts
  • [ROO-3090] - RequestMapping with array of paths causes ClassCastException in ControllerOperationsImpl.getExistingController() when trying to run 'web mvc all'
  • [ROO-3093] - Failing to include surefire default-test execution goal causes Roo shell issues
  • [ROO-3094] - Changing multimodule.roo sample to JPA provider DataNucleus causes build failure
  • [ROO-3096] - Improve error message for "Version is required"
  • [ROO-3098] - Entity generator duplicates packages when using an abstract class
  • [ROO-3099] - @RooMongoEntity on a child entity duplicates the entity id
  • [ROO-3103] - Roo Service stopping Roo from scaffolding web mvc controllers
  • [ROO-3107] - "web mvc setup" leads to "Referenced file contains errors..." in Spring config files
  • [ROO-3111] - NPE (NullPOinterException) while starting Roo
  • [ROO-3112] - JPA/Hibernate Performance Issue
  • [ROO-3117] - Documentation missing in Roo 1.2.1
  • [ROO-3118] - Roo Web Scaffolding uses mismatched model names in form/controller pairs for entities that begin with consecutive capital letters
  • [ROO-3119] - Error when doing "mvn gae:run" using Spring Roo on Google App Engine with GWT
  • [ROO-3120] - DBRE fails with messge Field already defined in ITD when column name is the same as a table name
  • [ROO-3121] - Can Not build Roo with Java 7
  • [ROO-3123] - Versions for a Datanucleus + MVC + HSQL project
  • [ROO-3131] - ~ (tilde) broken in Roo scripts
  • [ROO-3136] - Cloud Foundry addon 1.2.1 unavailable via Roo shell
  • [ROO-3141] - Cannot install cloud foundry add on in 1.2.1.RELEASE - Unsatisfied requirement(s)
  • [ROO-3152] - mvn gae:run - Unable to restore the previous TimeZone
  • [ROO-3154] - MutableClassOrInterfaceTypeDetails have not been included in API roo 1.2.1
  • [ROO-3156] - JSF File download bug
  • [ROO-3157] - Wrong TemporalType annotation on field
  • [ROO-3158] - IE downloads pages of Spring MVC app instead of displaying them
  • [ROO-3159] - Cannot prevent generation of persistence method
  • [ROO-3166] - NoSuchMethodError after adding own class with no Roo annotations
  • [ROO-3184] - RooBot addon registration does not work


  • [ROO-3162] - Release Spring Roo 1.2.2.RELEASE


  • [ROO-2971] - Update GAE to 1.6.1
  • [ROO-3056] - Post 1.2.1.RELEASE code refactor and clean up
  • [ROO-3058] - Spring Roo docs section 2.4 don't mention DataNucleus yet it is supported
  • [ROO-3068] - Document PostgreSQL schema naming issue
  • [ROO-3069] - Update PrimeFaces to 3.1.1
  • [ROO-3109] - Update addon-tailor with supplied patches
  • [ROO-3132] - Update Spring Framework version to 3.1.1
  • [ROO-3169] - Update Selenium to support later versions of Firefox
  • [ROO-3276] - Add on problems. Specifically Cloud foundry

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