Release Notes - Spring Framework - Version 3.1.4 - HTML format


  • [SPR-9939] - Backport fix for multiple invocations of ImportBeanDefinitionRegistrars
  • [SPR-9960] - Backport "Ensure LineNumberReader is always closed in ResourceDatabasePopulator"
  • [SPR-9995] - Backport "ReflectivePropertyAccessor should not consider bridge methods"
  • [SPR-10009] - Backport "Documentation update regarding aspectjrt and aspectjweaver jars usage"
  • [SPR-10174] - Backport "SpEL support for static finals on interfaces"


  • [SPR-7718] - Deadlock between DefaultListableBeanFactory and DefaultSingletonBeanRegistry, perhaps due to lazily-instantiated aspect
  • [SPR-8008] - MemoryLeak in Cglib2AopProxy.ProxyCallbackFilter
  • [SPR-9189] - CachedIntrospectionResults cannot be cleared for null class loaders
  • [SPR-9258] - MimeMessageHelper does not handle attachment file name encoding
  • [SPR-9330] - BridgeMethodResolver throws exception when trying to find bridged method if method is declired in interface or it is abstract
  • [SPR-9389] - FreeMarkerConfigurationFactory's instance variable become enlarged whenever call create method.
  • [SPR-9429] - LocalVariableTableParameterNameDiscoverer doesn't support bridged methods
  • [SPR-9461] - SimpleDriverDataSource doesn't use the connectionProperties specified
  • [SPR-9702] - ExtendedBeanInfo exception - java.beans.IntrospectionException
  • [SPR-9885] - MockHttpServletResponse.getHeaderNames is incompatible with Servlet 3.0
  • [SPR-9943] - IntrospectionException: type mismatch between indexed and non-indexed methods
  • [SPR-9996] - ContextLoader incorrectly refreshes already refreshed context
  • [SPR-10013] - SpringBeanAutowiringInterceptor not closing ApplicationContext after EJB initialisation exception
  • [SPR-10020] - Deadlock in DefaultListableBeanFactory/DefaultSingletonBeanRegistry
  • [SPR-10040] - Handling of BeanInfo broken
  • [SPR-10065] - AbstractCachingViewResolver - caching redirect views leads to memory leak
  • [SPR-10068] - EclipseLink marks transaction RollbackOnly when applying timeout for "nonread" queries
  • [SPR-10084] - NamedParameterJdbcTemplate for "insert / select" clause, set NULL value causes JConnect 7 (Sybase) problem - JZ0SL: Unsupported SQL type 0. - Affects 3.1.3.RELEASE, works in 3.1.1.RELEASE
  • [SPR-10088] - HierarchicalUriComponents.equals() incorrectly returns false when other object is not an instance of OpaqueUriComponents
  • [SPR-10091] - SpEl bug while reading boolean fields
  • [SPR-10092] - DMLC: JMS resources are never cleared under certain conditions
  • [SPR-10109] - JMSTemplate.receive() and receiveSelected() don't use "receiveTimeout" property if in a transaction
  • [SPR-10111] - Processing java.math.BigDecimal via Spring's ExtendedBeanInfo fails sporadically
  • [SPR-10136] - MessageSourceResourceBundle.containsKey throws NullPointerException
  • [SPR-10162] - Consider bridge methods in SpEL properties
  • [SPR-10175] - AbstractMessageConverterMethodProcessor returns allSupportedMediaTypes with HttpMediaTypeNotAcceptableException
  • [SPR-10177] - Attribute mode removed from annotation-driven definition in spring-task.xsd
  • [SPR-10185] - Update to spring 3.1.3 causes SqlException when executing sql statement with null parameters, caused by changes in StatementCreatorUtils.setNull method.
  • [SPR-10187] - FormHttpMessageConverter#writePart NPE on 'partBody.getClass()'
  • [SPR-10192] - MockHttpServletRequest must not throw an exception on getParameter(null)
  • [SPR-10207] - HttpEntityMethodProcessor does not support HttpEntity/ResponseEntity subclasses
  • [SPR-10957] - MBeanExporter/MBeanRegistrationSupport leaks ObjectNames in registeredBeans
  • [SPR-11022] - Race condition in AutowiredAnnotationBeanPostProcessor


  • [SPR-8916] - org.springframework.jmx.export.metadata.AttributesJmxAttributeSource has been removed but is still mentioned in the documentation
  • [SPR-9064] - Doc: Bad snippet for CompositeCacheManager
  • [SPR-9365] - Doc: Spring 3.x and Hibernate 4 are not compatible. Unable to use HibernateTemplate.
  • [SPR-9466] - Error in doc on JCA CCI - ConnectionSpecConnectionFactoryAdapter
  • [SPR-9843] - Add migration instructions regarding component-scanning against "org" base package
  • [SPR-10050] - Example shows deprecated ScheduledTimerTask
  • [SPR-10171] - Community Download site mentioned in the docs doesn't work
  • [SPR-10189] - Fix castor website


  • [SPR-7955] - EhCacheCacheManager throws assertion error for ehcache configuration with only default cache configured
  • [SPR-9162] - SpringContextResourceAdapter does not fulfill whole JCA 1.5 contract
  • [SPR-9428] - exposeAccessContext should also be available for JndiRmiClientInterceptor
  • [SPR-9591] - WebApplicationInitializer with AnnotationConfigWebApplicationContext parent gets reset to null by ContextLoaderListener
  • [SPR-9723] - Use ExtendedBeanInfo on an as-needed basis only
  • [SPR-9896] - ResourcePropertySource cannot load JDK 5 properties xml
  • [SPR-10010] - Remove xsd versions from reference samples
  • [SPR-10037] - Concurrent Consumers Not Allowed for Durable Subscription
  • [SPR-10058] - Unnecessary reading of java.lang.Object input stream
  • [SPR-10099] - Implement support of Jackson2 for MappingJacksonMessageConverter
  • [SPR-10160] - EntityManagerFactoryUtils.findEntityManagerFactory() does not search parent contexts if persistence unit name is unspecified
  • [SPR-10193] - RequestMappingInfoHandlerMapping.handleNoMatch returns null instead of throwing an exception


  • [SPR-10029] - Overhaul non-void JavaBean write method support

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