Release Notes - Spring Framework - Version 3.2.3 - HTML format


  • [SPR-10373] - JavaDoc generation reports warnings
  • [SPR-10374] - Type detection fails for child bean if parent bean has been resolved before
  • [SPR-10382] - Form tag prepending context/servlet path breaks use for portlets
  • [SPR-10385] - JdbcTemplate cannot set null parameter with Oracle driver
  • [SPR-10386] - Ant Pattern Matching throws IllegalStateException for multiple RequestMapping values
  • [SPR-10388] - Remove default value of LifecycleGroup.lifecycleBeans
  • [SPR-10389] - Fix errors in Spring MVC Test server-side code examples
  • [SPR-10392] - ReflectiveMethodResolver causes UnsupportedOperationException
  • [SPR-10394] - Typo in Code Example
  • [SPR-10395] - PooledConnection has already been closed exception with Hibernate 4.2
  • [SPR-10398] - spring3.2 matrix variable url match problem
  • [SPR-10402] - Request @RequestParam not enforced with empty values
  • [SPR-10419] - PropertyEditor registered through @ControllerAdvice will not be superseded by local one.
  • [SPR-10427] - A URI with URL path parameters causes IllegalStateException
  • [SPR-10436] - Sporadic deadlocks while using servlet scoped beans from another thread.
  • [SPR-10449] - NPE in the ContextLoader#customizeContext on building Assert.isAssignable message
  • [SPR-10460] - cannot delete file once resttemplate has done a multipart postforentity with the said file
  • [SPR-10471] - ServletContextResourcePatternResolver fails to resolve resources when an app is using a foo#bar.war filename
  • [SPR-10485] - Deadlocks with DeferredResult timeout handling on Tomcat
  • [SPR-10504] - Unnecessary check in PatternsRequestCondition.getMatchingPattern
  • [SPR-10507] - AbstractAutowireCapableBeanFactory.predictBeanType returns parent type instead of class="<real class>" value
  • [SPR-10517] - Lookup of beans of type fails for factory beans if type prediction is used.
  • [SPR-10546] - Loading @Import(ChildConfig) or EnclosingConfig.ChildConfig and then ChildConfig does not load beans on ParentConfig
  • [SPR-10547] - BeanPropertyRowMapper underscoreName
  • [SPR-10559] - Cannot instantiate bean in Spring when using annotations and when it extends generic abstract class compiled to java 1.4 byte code
  • [SPR-10568] - Large number of StandardEnvironment objects are initialised during startup. Visible in the logs at DEBUG level.

New Feature

  • [SPR-10567] - Configurable JSON prefix on MappingJackson2JsonView and MappingJacksonJsonView


  • [SPR-10282] - OXM Jaxb2Unmarshaller to support non-root elements
  • [SPR-10375] - Make implementations of PreparedStatementSetter public, not package-private
  • [SPR-10422] - No way to ask MethodReference for its private field 'name'
  • [SPR-10512] - Jaxb2Marshaller doesn't need to depend on ResourceLoaderAware and thus spring-context
  • [SPR-10513] - Improve defaulting of media types via ContentNegotiationManager
  • [SPR-10514] - AnnotationAwareOrderComparator does not work on proxied classes
  • [SPR-10556] - Small clarification to CronTrigger javadoc
  • [SPR-10569] - Enforce JDK version on CI server

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