Release Notes - Spring Framework - Version 3.2.4 - HTML format


  • [SPR-10672] - Backport "BeanFactory.getBeansWithAnnotation() should not consider abstract beans"
  • [SPR-10684] - Backport "Cached MethodExecutor invokes wrong method"


  • [SPR-10492] - Async does not work anymore when switching from 3.2 to 3.2.2
  • [SPR-10549] - Spring3.2 bug context:property-placeholder nested search property appear java.lang.StackOverflowError
  • [SPR-10578] - Revert change for SPR-10402 that allowed treating empty values as missing values
  • [SPR-10580] - ClassCastException on meta @Components with not Spring value
  • [SPR-10600] - Rename HttpHeaders#getIfNotModifiedSince() to getIfModifiedSince() to avoid confusing
  • [SPR-10604] - UnionMethodMatcher and ClassFilterAwareUnionMethodMatcher have broken eqauls.
  • [SPR-10631] - TypeDescriptor must be Serializable
  • [SPR-10636] - Invocation of @Async service fails
  • [SPR-10645] - ConfigurationClassPostProcessor should be Ordered.HIGHEST_PRECEDENCE
  • [SPR-10648] - HttpHeaders should be tolerant with bad date-aware headers as it said in the RFC 2616
  • [SPR-10649] - Missing RmiInvocationWrapperRTD.xml (build problem?)
  • [SPR-10683] - ContentNegotiatingViewResolver does not select any views if no content types are requested
  • [SPR-10686] - ${} placeholders are not resolved in @ImportResource
  • [SPR-10701] - ServletUriComponentsBuilder doesn't work if X-Forwarded-Host is in host:port format
  • [SPR-10709] - Spring 3.2.2 AOP has increased memory usage
  • [SPR-10714] - ClassPathJaxb2TypeScanner which scans packagesToScan for Jaxb2Marshaller does not scan for @XmlRegistry annotation
  • [SPR-10715] - method demarcated with @Async isn't executed when precompiled
  • [SPR-10731] - spring-instrument is lacking Java 7 instrumentation manifest attributes
  • [SPR-10732] - spring-instrument has unused dependency on spring-core
  • [SPR-10752] - setPrefixJson don't work in org.springframework.web.servlet.view.json.MappingJackson2JsonView and org.springframework.web.servlet.view.json.MappingJacksonJsonView
  • [SPR-10755] - JDBC Connection is not released due to incorrectly defined catch
  • [SPR-10767] - <exclude-unlisted-classes> is read incorrectly in PersistenceUnitReader
  • [SPR-10775] - Spring + Quartz 2.2.0 Integration is Inconsistent
  • [SPR-10779] - UriComponentsBuilder should be case-insensitive when parsing URL scheme names
  • [SPR-10780] - ResourceHttpRequestHandler always logs warning

New Feature

  • [SPR-10627] - Configurable JSON prefix on MappingJackson2HttpMessageConverter and MappingJacksonHttpMessageConverter


  • [SPR-10581] - Doc: JMS CachingConnectionFactory incompatible with DefaultMessageListenerContainer in some circumstances
  • [SPR-10625] - SQL syntax error in jdbcTemplate update example
  • [SPR-10754] - Documentation Error: rollbackForClassname is listed, should be rollbackForClassName (notice UPPERcase N)


  • [SPR-10413] - Unnecessary blocking in DelegatingFilterProxy
  • [SPR-10421] - XStreamMarshaller - no way to set a MapperWrapper on XStream
  • [SPR-10509] - Add ability to check that attribute does not exist in Spring MVC test framework
  • [SPR-10673] - WebAsyncUtils could/should cache the reference to StandardServletAsyncWebRequest's constructor
  • [SPR-10713] - Make HttpHeaders getFirstDate(String headerName) and setDate(String headerName, long date) methods as public
  • [SPR-10792] - Fix SimpleJdbc{Call,Insert} Javadoc
  • [SPR-10806] - Fix potential security risk when using Spring OXM

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