Release Notes - Spring Framework - Version 3.2.5 - HTML format


  • [SPR-11008] - Backport: Relax JavaBean rules for SpEL property access
  • [SPR-11009] - Backport: Spring Framework SPR-10996 TypeConverterDelegate standard conversion changes single element array to a class instance when trying to convert to Object
  • [SPR-11010] - Backport: SpEL fails if and name is evaluated in the same context
  • [SPR-11011] - Backport "Cannot override initializer of @ContextConfiguration when using @ContextHierarchy"
  • [SPR-11012] - Backport: AbstractApplicationEventMulticaster throws NPE when ApplicationEvent's source is null
  • [SPR-11013] - Backport: Order of values in @PropertySource annotation depends on name attribute


  • [SPR-9495] - MethodResolver results are cached in SpEL expressions, so changing the context at evaluation time has no effect
  • [SPR-10411] - Return type prediction for generic factory method fails if type conversion of method arguments is necessary
  • [SPR-10430] - Advisor silently skipped if it is currently in creation
  • [SPR-10452] - SPEL and Enum variable resolution using wrong cachedExecutor
  • [SPR-10606] - SimpleJdbcCall: Function return type (REF CURSOR) should be resolved properly.
  • [SPR-10736] - BeanDefinitions registered using BeanDefinitionRegistry not always eligible for autowiring when using @Qualifier
  • [SPR-10744] - Cannot override singleton with scoped proxy
  • [SPR-10803] - MemoryLeak in AntPathMatcher during caching AntPathStringMatcher instances
  • [SPR-10817] - MappingJackson2HttpMessageConverter and MappingJacksonHttpMessageConverter should use configured JSON prefix instead of hardcoded value.
  • [SPR-10819] - GenericTypeResolver does not resolve the correct parameter type when bound type is also ParameterizedType
  • [SPR-10828] - JaxB2Marshaller passes null InputSource to SaxSource constructor under certain condition
  • [SPR-10829] - spring-jms 3.0.4 introduces a change that breaks using JMSTemplate (and for that matter any JMS resource) with Oracle AQ when JMS Session are used in SESSION_TRANSACTED mode.
  • [SPR-10848] - NPE in RestTemplate with Resource implementation where getFilename() returns null
  • [SPR-10852] - AnnotationConfigWebApplicationContext.register cannot be called multiple times
  • [SPR-10862] - NullPointerException thrown by ExtendedBeanInfo with IBM J9 VM
  • [SPR-10874] - Async DeferredResult OpenSessionInViewFilter
  • [SPR-10884] - Race condition in org.springframework.expression.spel.ast.MethodReference
  • [SPR-10885] - Abstract method mocking prints wrong call count in exception
  • [SPR-10896] - Memory Leak in AbstractBeanFactory, alreadyCreated HashSet not cleaned on failure in doGetBean
  • [SPR-10902] - Wrong translation of MS SQL Server RAISERROR
  • [SPR-10904] - Ehcache with RMI replication bug
  • [SPR-10914] - ArrayStoreException scanning subclassed enum annotation array with multiple values
  • [SPR-10918] - Duplicate scan of @Import annotations when inherited from another annotation
  • [SPR-10927] - Typo on spring mvc reference docs : 'ContentNeogitatingViewResolver'
  • [SPR-10928] - Fix 'problem locating method' SpEL error message
  • [SPR-10931] - @Resource is always marked as shareable
  • [SPR-10937] - Invoking RedirectView.render from within a filter throws null pointer exception
  • [SPR-10953] - LiteralExpression.getValue doesn't propagate 'EvaluationContext' to 'ExpressionUtils' for conversion
  • [SPR-10982] - Mallforme Content-Type is not translated to 415 status code
  • [SPR-10988] - JavaConfig Bean overriding with addition
  • [SPR-10992] - @Bean overriding does not pick up metadata from most specific method
  • [SPR-10995] - Spring cannot find setter if subclass overrides getter narrowing return type
  • [SPR-11017] - Unecessary logging about setNull with Oracle driver
  • [SPR-11019] - Bean definitions using indexed constructor arguments are not usable for @Autowired resolution
  • [SPR-11027] - @Autowired setter randomly called twice or not called at all when two beans of the same class
  • [SPR-11043] - MockHttpServletRequestBuilder not handling parameter without value
  • [SPR-11068] - ClasspathXmlApplicationContext does not inherit/merge parent context environment


  • [SPR-10798] - Fix malformed code in documentation
  • [SPR-10850] - Elvis operator will return "Nikola Tesla" and not "Mike Tesla" in ref docs


  • [SPR-10821] - Add XStream CatchAllConverter
  • [SPR-10950] - Make createRequestMappingInfo in RequestMappingHandlerMapping protected
  • [SPR-10974] - ClassPathBeanDefinitionScanner INFO logging on JSR 330
  • [SPR-11031] - PropertyOrFieldReference suffers from potential NullPointerException
  • [SPR-11032] - Methods in AnnotationConfigUtils.processCommonDefinitionAnnotations(…) should be public
  • [SPR-11039] - Spring doesn't parse jndi variables default values to match the expected-type
  • [SPR-11042] - Avoid unnecessary char[] allocation in NamedParameterUtils
  • [SPR-11078] - Disable the processing of external entities in SourceHttpMessageConverter by default

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