Release Notes - Spring Framework - Version 4.1.5 - HTML format


  • [SPR-12577] - Regression in TransactionAspectSupport.determineTransactionManager(…)
  • [SPR-12589] - ObjectToOptionalConverter should use Optional.ofNullable(…) instead of Optional.of(…)
  • [SPR-12592] - ResourceUrlProvider should initialize only once
  • [SPR-12607] - Default value of <mvc:redirect-view-controller> context-relative attribute is not "true"
  • [SPR-12613] - Handle exceptions properly in SpringJUnit4ClassRunner
  • [SPR-12616] - Exception with JSON serialization in ResponseBodyAdviceChain when debug logging is on
  • [SPR-12623] - Netty4ClientHttpRequestFactory always allocates "maxRequestSize" bytes for each request
  • [SPR-12624] - PathResourceResolver.isResourceUnderLocation does not handle relative paths correctly
  • [SPR-12632] - CssLinkResourceTransformer throws Exception on links that start with //
  • [SPR-12641] - During startup scheduled tasks are driven earlier than before causing problems with Spring Batch
  • [SPR-12647] - ResourceUrlProvider does not keep resource handlers ordered
  • [SPR-12660] - AbstractSockJsService.checkAndAddCorsHeaders fails for same origin requests when setAllowedOrigins is set
  • [SPR-12665] - ConcurrentModificationException in SimpleBrokerMessageHandler
  • [SPR-12688] - ConcurrentModificationException thrown while iterating over bean definition names in DefaultListableBeanFactory#getBeansWithAnnotation(Class<? extends Annotation> annotationType)
  • [SPR-12694] - Conditions on an overriding bean method effectively get ignored
  • [SPR-12709] - @Scheduled no longer works in case of multiple proxied target classes implementing the same interface
  • [SPR-12712] - RestTemplate cannot handle GZIP response since 4.1.3
  • [SPR-12716] - WebSocketTransportHandler passes Collections.<String, Object>emptyMap() to HandshakeHandler
  • [SPR-12723] - ServletUriComponentsBuilder#initFromRequest can cause NPE
  • [SPR-12727] - Unhandled websocket error when unsolicited pong frame with zero length payload received from IE11
  • [SPR-12728] - Stomp error when PongMessage is passed to StompSubProtocolHandler


  • [SPR-12582] - ExtendedBeanInfo test fails on JDK 8u40 Build b19
  • [SPR-12615] - Supporting method in SimpleBrokerMessageHandlerTests not asserting anything
  • [SPR-12618] - Fix broken schedulerWithHsqlDataSource() test in QuartzSupportTests
  • [SPR-12639] - Documentation error in "SimpleJdbcInsert" section
  • [SPR-12650] - Document how MultiPartFile.transferTo works with Servlet 3
  • [SPR-12655] - Javadoc for ModelAttributeMethodProcessor.validateIfApplicable is misleading
  • [SPR-12700] - Define explicitly in the documentation when @Cacheable annotations can be used


  • [SPR-7913] - AbstractRequestLoggingFilter should log actual body even after consuming request parameters on Tomcat 6
  • [SPR-8016] - RestTemplate - support response mapping to entity with potentially empty response body.
  • [SPR-12594] - Support specifying TimeZone in Jackson2ObjectMapperFactoryBean
  • [SPR-12604] - Don't use Exception for normal behavior in org.springframework.core.annotation.AnnotationUtils.getValue
  • [SPR-12609] - AbstractRequestLoggingFilter and CommonsRequestLoggingFilter log level checks
  • [SPR-12610] - Consider caching the compiled pattern in OperatorMatches
  • [SPR-12611] - Enable reuse of DefaultActiveProfilesResolver
  • [SPR-12630] - ResourceUrlEncodingFilter fails when Thymeleaf and the "/**" resource pattern is used
  • [SPR-12634] - Allow Jackson2ObjectMapperBuilder configuration to override the well-known modules' configuration
  • [SPR-12643] - Add the ability to turn off automatic derivation of Aliases for custom parsers.
  • [SPR-12658] - Use UUID.randomUUID() for session id's in SockJsClient
  • [SPR-12659] - Support @Configuration as a meta-annotation in the TestContext framework
  • [SPR-12671] - Allow YamlProcessor subclasses to provide the Yaml instance that's used
  • [SPR-12686] - Allow MBeanExporter's excludedBeans to be configured additively
  • [SPR-12697] - Add same origin support to SockJS and WebSocket
  • [SPR-12706] - BeanWrapper should auto-grow arrays on indexed set attempt as well
  • [SPR-12710] - Preserve ordering of inlined properties in @TestPropertySource
  • [SPR-12721] - Open up TestPropertySourceUtils for public consumption
  • [SPR-12724] - Add possibility to set supportedMimeTypes in MappingJackson2MessageConverter
  • [SPR-12730] - MessageHeaderAccessor.getContentType() should get deal with String value too, rather than rely only casting to MimeType

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