Release Notes - Spring Framework - Version 4.1.6 - HTML format


  • [SPR-12735] - MockMvc PrintResultHandler asserts before result is set
  • [SPR-12739] - Deadlock publishing event while creating listener bean
  • [SPR-12744] - Regression in 4.1.5: Alternative @Bean declarations with same primary bean name do not work anymore
  • [SPR-12747] - Specified MVC resource at root level not considered "under location"
  • [SPR-12752] - ScriptUtils and ScriptStatementFailedException confuse lines and statements
  • [SPR-12767] - EncodedResource does not include charset in equals() implementation
  • [SPR-12768] - XML config isn't fully supported for web integration tests if Groovy is on the classpath
  • [SPR-12769] - GroovyBeanDefinitionReader does not fully support XML config files
  • [SPR-12771] - Regression in 4.1.5: UriComponentsBuilder.fromHttpRequest sets port to 80 i.s.o nothing/443
  • [SPR-12776] - LoadTimeWeavingConfiguration should not rely on private field injection
  • [SPR-12785] - ObjectToOptionalConverter wraps a source Optional<?> to the new one
  • [SPR-12786] - Regression in 4.1: UnsatisfiedDependencyException because a prototype-scoped FactoryBean is unexpectedly instantiated by getTypeForFactoryBean()
  • [SPR-12795] - StandardMultipartHttpServletRequest.StandardMultipartFile not serializable
  • [SPR-12797] - Exception not thrown by OnFailure() when using ListenableFutureCallback
  • [SPR-12810] - Not reusable input stream in ContentCachingRequestWrapper
  • [SPR-12813] - X-Forwarded-Port with Comma Separated List Not Able to be Parsed in Spring 4.1.x
  • [SPR-12816] - X-Forwarded-Proto with comma separated list causes incorrect scheme
  • [SPR-12830] - DefaultManagedAwareThreadFactory's non-JNDI fallback leads to StackOverflowError
  • [SPR-12832] - Thread contention in HandlerMethod due to unnecessary BeanFactory.getType call
  • [SPR-12836] - There is no spring-beans.dtd file inside of the spring-beans-4.1.5.RELEASE jar
  • [SPR-12838] - ConcurrentModificationException in ConfigurationClassParser.processDeferredImportSelectors
  • [SPR-12842] - CacheLoader is ignored as of Guava 11
  • [SPR-12850] - Exception cache resolver shouldn't be mandatory


  • [SPR-12585] - General compatibility with JDK 8u40
  • [SPR-12705] - Consider rewording ack modes on the listener container javadocs
  • [SPR-12780] - Document null input requirements in Converter
  • [SPR-12794] - PropertyResourceConfigurerTests class throwing exception during build in 4 test methods
  • [SPR-12821] - Doc: MutablePersistenceUnitInfo.addManagedPackage() not triggering a package scan


  • [SPR-12743] - Support @NumberFormat as a meta-annotation
  • [SPR-12760] - RestTemplate logging for 404 status code
  • [SPR-12792] - Ignore null in HeadersBuilder#headers
  • [SPR-12849] - TcpConnection should extend

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