Release Notes - Spring Framework - Version 3.2.15 - HTML format


  • [SPR-13213] - ConcurrentModificationException when doing a merge on AbstractEnvironment
  • [SPR-13451] - DeferredResult not thread-safe for isSetOrExpired call
  • [SPR-13474] - AbstractEmbeddedDatabaseConfigurer.shutdown does not close JDBC resources
  • [SPR-13553] - JCacheCache doesn't recognize null values in other JVMs
  • [SPR-13563] - Clarify whether HttpInputMessage.getBody() is allowed to return null


  • [SPR-13278] - Doc: Clarify AUTO_ACKNOWLEDGE semantics with SimpleMessageListenerContainer
  • [SPR-13397] - Misleading note on readonly and disabled flags in spring-form.tld
  • [SPR-13513] - Documentation for Portlet MVC does not refer to Portlet 2.0 spec (JSR-286)
  • [SPR-13558] - Backport corrected ContentNegotiationManager reference in MVC chapter


  • [SPR-13349] - Avoid ambiguous property warning for setter methods with multiple parameters

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