Release Notes - Spring Framework - Version 4.2.6 - HTML format


  • [SPR-13503] - First new line character is removed when use <form:textarea> tag
  • [SPR-13981] - LinkedCaseInsensitiveMap doesn't implement getOrDefault properly
  • [SPR-13999] - Regression: RequestMappingHandlerAdapter with synchronizeOnSession=true calls invokeHandlerMethod twice
  • [SPR-14005] - Regression: ResourceHandlerRegistration setCachePeriod doesn't set the correct response header anymore
  • [SPR-14007] - Scripted beans not updated after a script compilation error in getScriptedObjectType
  • [SPR-14027] - springUrl Velocity macro should encode the given URI using the response
  • [SPR-14029] - Wrong ResolvableType for Event not extending from ApplicationEvent
  • [SPR-14030] - Regression: Early instantiation of a bean prevents proxying for @Async in 4.2.x but works in 4.1.x
  • [SPR-14045] - ModelAndView is replaced when a RedirectView is used
  • [SPR-14053] - Reset Expires header in WebContentGenerator when caching resources
  • [SPR-14080] - DefaultCorsProcessor's origin comparison is restrictive and inefficient
  • [SPR-14089] - Type annotations cause ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in ASM ClassReader
  • [SPR-14091] - @RequestHeader HttpHeaders fails with NPE against null header value
  • [SPR-14105] - @JmsListener with autoStartup=false will never start
  • [SPR-14107] - SockJS / XHR Polling does not reset connection for heartbeat
  • [SPR-14109] - Wrong detection of event type on ApplicationListener<> when using lambdas (ClassCast Exception)
  • [SPR-14111] - TransportHandlingSockJsService.scheduleSessionTask() doesn't log removed sessions
  • [SPR-14116] - Java boolean is not handled correctly when used with Oracle JDBC driver
  • [SPR-14138] - AbstractWebSocketSession.sendMessage race condition
  • [SPR-14139] - WebSocketSessionDecorator.sendMessage does not delegate
  • [SPR-14144] - Regression: If-Modified-Since value of zero not accepted anymore
  • [SPR-14148] - SimpleTransactionScope does not suspend and resume its scoped objects
  • [SPR-14162] - NPE thrown when calling methods with an empty @Caching annotation
  • [SPR-14190] - WebSocketMessageBrokerStats does not work unless SockJS is enabled with WebSocket XML namespace
  • [SPR-14209] - returns incorrect result
  • [SPR-14211] - SocketUtils fails to find a port when providing only two ports
  • [SPR-14229] - Reactor2TcpClient leaks threads on shutdown
  • [SPR-14231] - Reactor2TcpClient does not remove TcpClient instances after connection closed
  • [SPR-14233] - DefaultLifecycleProcessor hangs on shutdown when stopping with internalJmsListenerEndpointRegistry
  • [SPR-14241] - Deadlock possible with AspectJ aspects and multi-threading
  • [SPR-14244] - AbstractRequestLoggingFilter appends null query string
  • [SPR-14249] - AsyncResult calls SuccessCallback when it should call FailureCallback


  • [SPR-13787] - Compatibility with JBoss EAP 7
  • [SPR-13934] - Upgrade to CGLIB 3.2.2
  • [SPR-14003] - Doc: i18n MessageSource example code bug
  • [SPR-14067] - Wrong RFC reference in Base64Utils documentation
  • [SPR-14074] - documentation : SpEL / Expression support for defining bean definitions / XML based configuration (9.4.1)
  • [SPR-14084] - Upgrade to XStream 1.4.9
  • [SPR-14102] - MergePlugin does not include merge projects in generated Eclipse classpath when running Gradle as a daemon
  • [SPR-14123] - Re-introduce deprecated addConstructorArg method (again)
  • [SPR-14145] - @EnableScheduling javadoc has incomplete XML example
  • [SPR-14176] - Section 19.3.2 of reference mentions Hibernate 3 should be just Hibernate
  • [SPR-14185] - Compatibility with EhCache 3.0 GA


  • [SPR-13706] - Prevent Quartz XSD from being fetched from the Internet
  • [SPR-14047] - AbstractStaxXMLReader should recognize standard features such as the string interning feature
  • [SPR-14110] - Print EhCache cache manager name when initializing
  • [SPR-14163] - MappingJackson2HttpMessageConverter should not always log a warning
  • [SPR-14181] - three constructors in the org.springframework.expression.spel.ast package are not public
  • [SPR-14213] - Avoid hard logging of WebApplicationInitializer classes
  • [SPR-14214] - ApplicationListenerDetector should prevent serialization of its ApplicationContext reference
  • [SPR-14234] - Warn about non-static BeanDefinitionRegistryPostProcessor declarations on @Configuration classes

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