Release Notes - Spring Framework - Version 3.2.17 - HTML format


  • [SPR-13836] - Handle RejectedExecutionException in WebAsyncManager
  • [SPR-13917] - NullPointerException while building error message in InvocableHandlerMethod
  • [SPR-13918] - ReflectiveMethodResolver chooses parent class over child for static methods
  • [SPR-13935] - AbstractMarshaller's DocumentBuilderFactory instance may be used by several threads simultaneously
  • [SPR-13977] - TimerManagerTaskScheduler.TimerScheduledFuture.getDelay is inverted
  • [SPR-14007] - Scripted beans not updated after a script compilation error in getScriptedObjectType
  • [SPR-14045] - ModelAndView is replaced when a RedirectView is used
  • [SPR-14091] - @RequestHeader HttpHeaders fails with NPE against null header value
  • [SPR-14162] - NPE thrown when calling methods with an empty @Caching annotation
  • [SPR-14241] - Deadlock possible with AspectJ aspects and multi-threading
  • [SPR-14244] - AbstractRequestLoggingFilter appends null query string


  • [SPR-13832] - wrong example given at section 17.4 Handler mappings
  • [SPR-13869] - Documentation error in ResponseEntityExceptionHandler.handleExceptionInternal
  • [SPR-14003] - Doc: i18n MessageSource example code bug
  • [SPR-14145] - @EnableScheduling javadoc has incomplete XML example


  • [SPR-13604] - SimpleTriggerFactoryBean and CronTriggerFactoryBean fail without jobDetail
  • [SPR-13706] - Prevent Quartz XSD from being fetched from the Internet
  • [SPR-14186] - Backport MVC config path config options to 3.2.x

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