Release Notes - Spring Framework - Version 3.2.18 - HTML format


  • [SPR-8337] - Constructor sets the source incorrectly in org.springframework.beans.PropertyValue
  • [SPR-14304] - ObjectToObjectConverter should be able to use constructors on non-public classes
  • [SPR-14324] - Async advisor retrieval blocks when triggered by singleton init method
  • [SPR-14388] - Deadlock while creating a new thread on bean initialization with transactional code invocation
  • [SPR-14462] - CronSequenceGenerator causes StackOverflowError with reversed range values
  • [SPR-14465] - Ineffective synchronization in StandardTypeConverter constructor
  • [SPR-14500] - ResourcePatternUtils.getResourcePatternResolver does not accept null arg
  • [SPR-14509] - LinkedCaseInsensitiveMap doesn't override HashMap.clone()
  • [SPR-14551] - StackOverflowError for advisor search against factory-bean reference to FactoryBean
  • [SPR-14718] - StringUtils.parseLocaleString(): does not parse locale string in java 7 for Serbian (Latin)
  • [SPR-14978] - Concurrency problem in DeferredResult: potential double execution of handleResult
  • [SPR-15031] - MBeanExporter fails against null beans


  • [SPR-14282] - Clarify @Bean(autowire=NO)
  • [SPR-14287] - Label "for" attribute is wrongly documented as required
  • [SPR-14361] - Doc: SpEL behavior when comparing value to null
  • [SPR-14399] - Ambiguous sentence in the cache documentation
  • [SPR-14987] - SpEL and Date Literals
  • [SPR-15039] - Upgrade to Gradle 2.5


  • [SPR-7860] - ModelAndViewResolver still refers to raw Class type
  • [SPR-14349] - Allow method inlining of ObjectUtils.nullSafeEquals()
  • [SPR-14946] - Normalize resource URL in ResourceServlet

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