Release Notes - Spring Framework - Version 4.2.7 - HTML format


  • [SPR-14177] - HtmlUnitRequestBuilder should decode request parameter names
  • [SPR-14257] - [email protected] lookup does not work consistently with ASM
  • [SPR-14266] - Memory leak on STOMP broker connections that fail before heartbeats start
  • [SPR-14269] - markBeanAsCreated does not clear merged bean definition in a thread-safe fashion
  • [SPR-14288] - @Bean not detected in extended interface
  • [SPR-14293] - StringIndexOutOfBoundsException when calling BeanWrapperImpl.setPropertyValue("[']", "foobar")
  • [SPR-14298] - SettableListenableFuture.setException(Throwable) doesn't work for Error
  • [SPR-14305] - NPE was occurred at WebUtils.isSameOrigin
  • [SPR-14311] - Cannot put <tiles:definition> inside <tiles:putAttribute>
  • [SPR-14329] - After-completion callback not triggered for custom Throwable subclass
  • [SPR-14330] - EventListenerMethodProcessor resolves classes (by MethodIntrospector) of lazy beans causing NoClassDefFoundError
  • [SPR-14333] - Race condition in handling of @Lookup annotation
  • [SPR-14336] - AllEncompassingFormHttpMessageConverter ignores JAXB XML when Jackson used for JSON
  • [SPR-14345] - Different error codes on same formatter registered in different ways
  • [SPR-14356] - SockJs heartbeat during message send closes socket
  • [SPR-14388] - Deadlock while creating a new thread on bean initialization with transactional code invocation
  • [SPR-14413] - Cache infrastructure using AspectJ is not properly configured
  • [SPR-14423] - Return type implementing DeferredResult is rejected with exception


  • [SPR-13535] - Doc. Unable to use bean() PCD to define a Pointcut in Aspect created by using annotation @Aspect
  • [SPR-13843] - Doc: @Transactional on private methods with aspectj mode
  • [SPR-14087] - Doc: Different behavior for @Named and @Component
  • [SPR-14164] - Reference Documentation: Why does not exist an XML configuration version for @Async?
  • [SPR-14272] - Doc: @Component bean auto naming working differently for two capital letter start
  • [SPR-14282] - Clarify @Bean(autowire=NO)
  • [SPR-14287] - Label "for" attribute is wrongly documented as required
  • [SPR-14319] - Incorrect annotation is given in "Cache Abstraction" part of Spring reference
  • [SPR-14385] - Upgrade to CGLIB 3.2.4
  • [SPR-14399] - Ambiguous sentence in the cache documentation
  • [SPR-14420] - Add missing package-info files for common packages


  • [SPR-14279] - SimpleBrokerMessageHandler makes an assertion about the type of the MessageHeaderAccessor, but doesn't seem to care
  • [SPR-14309] - Spring Web should process requests with empty/invalid mime type
  • [SPR-14323] - Consistent Error handling in MessageChannel implementations
  • [SPR-14349] - Allow method inlining of ObjectUtils.nullSafeEquals()
  • [SPR-14394] - Improve error handling when resolving message payloads

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