Release Notes - Spring Framework - Version 4.2.8 - HTML format


  • [SPR-8337] - Constructor sets the source incorrectly in org.springframework.beans.PropertyValue
  • [SPR-10343] - ConfigurationClassParser needs to load annotations through source class loader
  • [SPR-14191] - Regression: Insert statement fails with inconsistent datatypes on Oracle 12c driver
  • [SPR-14444] - SSE: Terminating chunk not sent using tomcat >= 8.0.35
  • [SPR-14453] - MethodBasedEvaluationContext.lazyLoadArguments() execution fails for empty variable arguments call
  • [SPR-14462] - CronSequenceGenerator causes StackOverflowError with reversed range values
  • [SPR-14465] - Ineffective synchronization in StandardTypeConverter constructor
  • [SPR-14468] - MessageHeaderAccessor doesn't remove headers if they are null
  • [SPR-14500] - ResourcePatternUtils.getResourcePatternResolver does not accept null arg
  • [SPR-14509] - LinkedCaseInsensitiveMap doesn't override HashMap.clone()
  • [SPR-14517] - Do not fail with a circular @Import error caused by an @ComponentScan
  • [SPR-14551] - StackOverflowError for advisor search against factory-bean reference to FactoryBean
  • [SPR-14554] - ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in MethodBasedEvaluationContext
  • [SPR-14564] - SockJS heartbeat is causing application send Message to fail similar to (SPR-14356)
  • [SPR-14568] - StompSubProtocolHandler responds with ERROR (Session closed.) on DISCONNECT when using SimpleBrokerMessageHandler
  • [SPR-14625] - Fix assertions in StompHeaderAccessor
  • [SPR-14648] - ResolvableType for a raw type is not assignable to generic types of the same class
  • [SPR-14661] - TypeConverterSupport does not propagate custom exceptions anymore
  • [SPR-14703] - NPE during websocket disconnect
  • [SPR-14718] - StringUtils.parseLocaleString(): does not parse locale string in java 7 for Serbian (Latin)
  • [SPR-14721] - exception during websocket client close


  • [SPR-14598] - NoHandlerFoundException is mapped to 404 twice


  • [SPR-14427] - When I try to acquire MD5 using DigestUtils, java.lang.OutOfMemoryError occurs.
  • [SPR-14433] - Avoid canonicalName call for already-seen bean name
  • [SPR-14452] - @RequestMapping consumes/produces InvalidMediaTypeException should mention offending class & method
  • [SPR-14454] - UrlPathHelper in PathExtensionContentNegotiationStrategy should be configurable
  • [SPR-14518] - Avoid JNDI property lookup attempts for invalid JNDI keys
  • [SPR-14574] - Avoid repeated getParameterType calls for setNull with Oracle 12c driver
  • [SPR-14624] - Improve performance of assertion in StompSubProtocolHandler
  • [SPR-14629] - Protect against getParameterType cursor leak with Oracle 12c JDBC driver
  • [SPR-14636] - Improve performance of StompCommand.getMessageType()
  • [SPR-14638] - CommonsMultipartResolver should explicitly convert FileSizeLimitExceededException next to SizeLimitExceededException
  • [SPR-14669] - Default async request timeout handling does not work with Jetty 9.x
  • [SPR-14672] - Better Exception Message for JMS Jackson Converter Error
  • [SPR-14697] - AbstractPollingMessageListenerContainer's workaround for Tibco causes performance delays during ems failover
  • [SPR-14729] - ScriptTemplateView should check template resource

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