Release Notes - Spring Framework - Version 4.2.9 - HTML format


  • [SPR-14304] - ObjectToObjectConverter should be able to use constructors on non-public classes
  • [SPR-14324] - Async advisor retrieval blocks when triggered by singleton init method
  • [SPR-14761] - IPv6 + Origin header + X-Forwarded-Host header gives NumberFormatException (Safari10 / CORS)
  • [SPR-14833] - SockJs heartbeat causes deadlock with XHR polling
  • [SPR-14846] - SimpleApplicationEventMulticaster should not generally suppress ClassCastException
  • [SPR-14850] - NPE PropertyOrFieldReference$AccessorLValue due to concurrency issue
  • [SPR-14917] - AbstractSockJsSession deadlock when tomcat WsSession is closing
  • [SPR-14971] - List-to-String conversion exception does not refer to element type
  • [SPR-14972] - ImportAware.setImportMetadata not invoked if import inherited from superclass with negative condition
  • [SPR-14978] - Concurrency problem in DeferredResult: potential double execution of handleResult
  • [SPR-15019] - Pointcut evaluation fails against AbstractHandlerMethodMapping$MappingRegistry with AspectJ 1.8.10
  • [SPR-15031] - MBeanExporter fails against null beans


  • [SPR-14361] - Doc: SpEL behavior when comparing value to null
  • [SPR-14765] - @lookup method injection method documentation
  • [SPR-14793] - EnableAsync javadoc not clear enough
  • [SPR-14812] - Documentation on @EventListener SpEL features is not very clear
  • [SPR-14881] - Document supported return types for @Async methods
  • [SPR-14969] - Rename urlVariables to uriVariables for consistency
  • [SPR-14976] - Misleading parameter names and JavaDoc in ResolvableType
  • [SPR-14987] - SpEL and Date Literals
  • [SPR-14994] - Clarify rollback-on consistency between DefaultTransactionAttribute and TransactionTemplate


  • [SPR-14739] - Default async timeout handling results in Logged Exception for Tomcat 8.5.x
  • [SPR-14747] - Improve performance of StompEncoder.encode()
  • [SPR-14791] - StompSubProtocolHandler makes the same assumption about header accessor as SimpleBrokerMessageHandler used to
  • [SPR-14946] - Normalize resource URL in ResourceServlet

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