Release Notes - Spring Framework - Version 5.0.6 - HTML format


  • [SPR-16692] - PathPatternPredicate leaves path variables in request even if predicate doesn't match
  • [SPR-16695] - ClassCastException in TestDispatcherServlet
  • [SPR-16702] - StackOverFlowError and memory leaking when sending large files slowly with Webflux + Undertow
  • [SPR-16708] - Null check needed in AnnotationUtils.getAnnotation
  • [SPR-16716] - SpringFailOnTimeout loses original exception when triggering timeout in finally block
  • [SPR-16720] - Inconsistent getTypeForFactoryMethod results for parameterized factory method
  • [SPR-16723] - AspectJ execution pointcut does not detect methods in superinterface anymore
  • [SPR-16728] - Restore handling of 0 bytes read in ServletServerHttpRequest
  • [SPR-16733] - Unnecessary proxying with MethodMapTransactionAttributeSource
  • [SPR-16734] - Generic constructor argument (e.g. ObjectProvider) fails to resolve for inner class
  • [SPR-16739] - AnnotationAwareOrderComparator uses Order instead of Priority for DecoratingProxy
  • [SPR-16743] - Exception swallowed in ResponseEntityExceptionHandler
  • [SPR-16744] - Decoding ServerSentEvent fails when using generic type
  • [SPR-16754] - IllegalStateException: InputStream has already been read when returning ResponseEntity<InputStreamResource>
  • [SPR-16756] - ConfigurationClassBeanDefinitionReader registers duplicate BeanDefinition for nested scoped component
  • [SPR-16757] - AopUtils.getMostSpecificMethod should expose dynamic proxy class methods
  • [SPR-16759] - Jaxb2XmlDecoder is unable to decode a single element
  • [SPR-16762] - Misleading error message when evaluating T operator
  • [SPR-16769] - YamlPropertiesFactoryBean loses entries in the YAML document that have an empty array value
  • [SPR-16773] - NPE in SimpleClient-HttpURLConnection with errorstream-buffering
  • [SPR-16776] - ResourceBundleMessageSource should avoid ResourceBundle.Control on Jigsaw
  • [SPR-16783] - Singleton from a FactoryBean may be post-processed twice if the first post-processing triggers a second attempt to get the bean
  • [SPR-16791] - Restore YamlProcessor duplicate key handling against SnakeYAML 1.18+ (plus compatibility with 1.21)


  • [SPR-14715] - Document why "charset=UTF-8" is specified for JSON and not for XML
  • [SPR-16687] - Kotlin API generation expects the Javadoc to be available
  • [SPR-16701] - Improve Kotlin + bean validation documentation
  • [SPR-16767] - Undesirable assertion message in MockPart


  • [SPR-15692] - Kotlin unable to inherit type for WebTestClient#BodySpec
  • [SPR-16688] - Reduce log verbosity on server-side after client unsubscribes from SSE stream
  • [SPR-16710] - Proper exception for controller method return types that do not work with MvcUriComponentsBuilder (e.g. final classes)
  • [SPR-16712] - Add a default constructor to Reactive UrlBasedCorsConfigurationSource
  • [SPR-16714] - Revise cache safety check to avoid performance regression in EAR packaged applications on WildFly
  • [SPR-16717] - Revise JCA MessageEndpoint exception logging and propagation
  • [SPR-16726] - AbstractMessageReaderArgumentResolver.readBody should defer creating the error
  • [SPR-16727] - SynchronossPartGenerator should reuse PartBodyStreamStorageFactory
  • [SPR-16730] - Avoid repeated superclass introspection in AnnotationUtils.findAnnotation
  • [SPR-16731] - Flag misguided evaluation attempts in OperatorMatches
  • [SPR-16732] - Expose configuration options for "selector" header
  • [SPR-16748] - No support for non-standard HTTP status codes in reactive ClientHttpResponse
  • [SPR-16752] - Validate contextPath in RedirectView
  • [SPR-16766] - Improve performance of StringUtils#trimWhitespace method
  • [SPR-16771] - Prevent unnecessary ExchangeStrategies.withDefaults() in DefaultWebClientBuilder
  • [SPR-16774] - Implement ReactorNettyWebSocketSession.close
  • [SPR-16778] - WebFlux handles requests with an illegal Host header inconsistently
  • [SPR-16779] - Consistent target method resolution for event and caching expressions
  • [SPR-16789] - Task "docsZip" copies duplicate reference files

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