Release Notes - Spring Framework - Version 4.3.19 - HTML format


  • [SPR-16947] - AbstractJackson2HttpMessageConverter incorrectly logs at WARN level after upgrading to Jackson 2.9
  • [SPR-16994] - ConcurrentReferenceHashMap does not enforce visibility of cached EntrySet
  • [SPR-16999] - Map injection fails to find bean produced with @Bean when additional method with same name exists
  • [SPR-17045] - AOP and use of redirect view can lead to unbounded caching in AbstractAutoProxyCreator
  • [SPR-17093] - Classification of ClassCastExceptions doesn't work in JDK 11 (OpenJDK)
  • [SPR-17114] - SchedulerAccessor needs to catch primary key violation on reschedule (due to Quartz race condition)
  • [SPR-17147] - CheckboxTag incorrectly processing hidden field through RequestDataValueProcessor
  • [SPR-17166] - @Scheduled task runs twice on bean with target-class scoped proxy (when injected)
  • [SPR-17191] - SimpleAliasRegistry.hasAlias does not properly resolve multiple chained aliases
  • [SPR-17214] - Compiled elvis operator does not work correctly when default value is a complex expression
  • [SPR-17229] - EL1072 when evaluating compiled expression using method SpelExpression.getValue(Object rootObject, Class<T> expectedResultType)


  • [SPR-16944] - Doc: ThreadPoolTaskExecutor's defaults vs setting queueCapacity for common pool scenarios
  • [SPR-16945] - Doc: AsyncConfigurer causes dependencies to be created early
  • [SPR-17022] - Update documentation references to Number/Currency/PercentStyleFormatter
  • [SPR-17042] - Incorrect Class reference in documentation
  • [SPR-17062] - Fix outdated javadoc of ConfigurationClassPostProcessor
  • [SPR-17095] - Revise BeanFactory vs ApplicationContext section in reference docs
  • [SPR-17131] - InitializingBean/DisposableBean javadoc should not just refer to singletons
  • [SPR-17182] - Removed Jackson view property "renderedAttributes" still mentioned in Spring Framework docs
  • [SPR-17226] - Documentation for @Transactional timeout (in seconds)


  • [SPR-17178] - Consistent warn logging for handled exceptions
  • [SPR-17209] - Support both filters and views in AbstractJackson2HttpMessageConverter


  • [SPR-17088] - MethodBeforeAdviceInterceptor should implement BeforeAdvice marker

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