Release Notes - Spring Framework - Version 5.0.9 - HTML format


  • [SPR-16901] - Inconsistent handling of dependent lifecycle beans in DefaultLifecycleProcessor
  • [SPR-17093] - Classification of ClassCastExceptions doesn't work in JDK 11 (OpenJDK)
  • [SPR-17094] - WebTestClient ignores WebSessionManager bean
  • [SPR-17114] - SchedulerAccessor needs to catch primary key violation on reschedule (due to Quartz race condition)
  • [SPR-17144] - ContextPathCompositeHandler returns 200 when no path found
  • [SPR-17146] - Annotations on generic superclass methods not found by AnnotationUtils
  • [SPR-17147] - CheckboxTag incorrectly processing hidden field through RequestDataValueProcessor
  • [SPR-17166] - @Scheduled task runs twice on bean with target-class scoped proxy (when injected)
  • [SPR-17168] - UriComponentsBuilder does not encode "$" properly
  • [SPR-17191] - SimpleAliasRegistry.hasAlias does not properly resolve multiple chained aliases
  • [SPR-17194] - HeaderAssertions.lastModified/expires takes an int value but it should be long
  • [SPR-17214] - Compiled elvis operator does not work correctly when default value is a complex expression
  • [SPR-17220] - WebClient does not write Mono.empty() request body
  • [SPR-17222] - Kotlin inner class nested configuration causes IndexOutOfBoundsException
  • [SPR-17229] - EL1072 when evaluating compiled expression using method SpelExpression.getValue(Object rootObject, Class<T> expectedResultType)
  • [SPR-17233] - 'ListBasedXMLEventReader.getElementText()' doesn't work


  • [SPR-17095] - Revise BeanFactory vs ApplicationContext section in reference docs
  • [SPR-17104] - Incorrect query param code fragment in Spring Framework Documentation
  • [SPR-17106] - Preserve-publish-order is mentioned in documentation of 5.0.x
  • [SPR-17131] - InitializingBean/DisposableBean javadoc should not just refer to singletons
  • [SPR-17167] - Incorrect CORS code fragment in Spring Framework Documentation
  • [SPR-17173] - Generate "Use" pages in aggregated Spring API documentation (Javadoc)
  • [SPR-17174] - Fix broken links and address warnings for JavaDoc
  • [SPR-17180] - Rewrite *1.10.8. PDF, Excel* paragraph in Spring Framework Documentation
  • [SPR-17182] - Removed Jackson view property "renderedAttributes" still mentioned in Spring Framework docs
  • [SPR-17226] - Documentation for @Transactional timeout (in seconds)


  • [SPR-16933] - Avoid unnecessary synthesizable annotation processing
  • [SPR-17105] - Initialize pre-filled HashMaps with large enough capacity (e.g. in HttpMethod)
  • [SPR-17118] - DataBufferUtils#takeUntilByteCount checks one extra buffer but does not release it
  • [SPR-17141] - BindingAwareConcurrentModel should properly react to null value
  • [SPR-17169] - ClassUtils optimization for less expensive static initialization
  • [SPR-17178] - Consistent warn logging for handled exceptions
  • [SPR-17193] - WebFlux JSON request body garbled under heavy load
  • [SPR-17209] - Support both filters and views in AbstractJackson2HttpMessageConverter
  • [SPR-17228] - Spring WebSocket Stomp tomcat cluster with user destinations sends message to wrong subscriber.
  • [SPR-17253] - Usage of ClassLoader.loadClass() in ConfigurationClassParser

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