Release Notes - Spring Framework - Version 5.1 RC3 - HTML format


  • [SPR-17025] - DataBufferUtils#join could leak buffers in case of error from the source
  • [SPR-17137] - Java 10: "Illegal method name" when test functions in Kotlin contain spaces in name
  • [SPR-17160] - Spring internal configuration classes can no longer use @EventListener
  • [SPR-17194] - HeaderAssertions.lastModified/expires takes an int value but it should be long
  • [SPR-17199] - ReactorHttpResources should clear HttpResources in global mode
  • [SPR-17214] - Compiled elvis operator does not work correctly when default value is a complex expression
  • [SPR-17220] - WebClient does not write Mono.empty() request body
  • [SPR-17222] - Kotlin inner class nested configuration causes IndexOutOfBoundsException
  • [SPR-17229] - EL1072 when evaluating compiled expression using method SpelExpression.getValue(Object rootObject, Class<T> expectedResultType)
  • [SPR-17233] - 'ListBasedXMLEventReader.getElementText()' doesn't work
  • [SPR-17244] - Kotlin DSL (RouterFunctionDsl) doesn't support RenderingResponse in router function


  • [SPR-17129] - Upgrade to JUnit Jupiter 5.3
  • [SPR-17155] - Upgrade to Gradle 4.10
  • [SPR-17156] - Upgrade to Reactor Californium RC1
  • [SPR-17208] - Fix grammar in JavaDoc for fully qualified links
  • [SPR-17212] - Document default EmbeddedValueResolver support for property placeholders
  • [SPR-17226] - Documentation for @Transactional timeout (in seconds)


  • [SPR-9478] - Test instances should not be proxied in the TestContext framework
  • [SPR-17193] - WebFlux JSON request body garbled under heavy load
  • [SPR-17198] - Be more defensive in UrlResource about cleaning the path
  • [SPR-17203] - Optimize for Flux to/from Mono conversions by Reactor
  • [SPR-17209] - Support both filters and views in AbstractJackson2HttpMessageConverter
  • [SPR-17215] - Prevent instantiation of NamedParameterBatchUpdateUtils
  • [SPR-17216] - HibernateTransactionManager should lazily acquire JDBC Connection (like HibernateJpaDialect)
  • [SPR-17228] - Spring WebSocket Stomp tomcat cluster with user destinations sends message to wrong subscriber.
  • [SPR-17240] - Polish capitalisation of units on DataSize and javadoc of DataUnit
  • [SPR-17243] - Externally managed mode for ReactorResourceFactory
  • [SPR-17247] - Add support for empty router in RouterFunctionDsl
  • [SPR-17253] - Usage of ClassLoader.loadClass() in ConfigurationClassParser


  • [SPR-17211] - Fix fragile tests for asynchronous events

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