Release Notes - Spring Framework - Version 5.1.1 - HTML format


  • [SPR-17284] - MockHttpServletResponse doesn't propagate Content-Language response header
  • [SPR-17302] - java.lang.AbstractMethodError: org.apache.commons.logging.LogFactory.setAttribute(..)
  • [SPR-17304] - Required attribute 'RouterFunctions.request' is missing
  • [SPR-17320] - HTTP 404 for static resources with last modified = 0L (breaks Docker images build with Jib)
  • [SPR-17321] - MockCookie parsing fails if cookie does not include attributes
  • [SPR-17324] - ApplicationListener is missing from Collection returned by getApplicationListeners() if it was added after the multicaster was initialised
  • [SPR-17332] - SpringBeanContainer should use returned instance from BeanFactory after initializing
  • [SPR-17345] - Integer overflow while uploading big files (> 2.1 GB) using webflux
  • [SPR-17347] - AnnotationMetadata.getAnnotationAttributes inconsistency for empty array in ASM implementation
  • [SPR-17351] - Nested DeferredImportSelector are not detected properly anymore
  • [SPR-17353] - MockAsyncContext not found. Did request wrapper not delegate startAsync?
  • [SPR-17356] - BeanFactory.getBeanProvider stream does not include beans from parent context
  • [SPR-17357] - Comparators.nullsLow creates wrong kind of NullSafeComparator
  • [SPR-17358] - Cyclic bean methods cause IllegalArgumentException instead of BeanCurrentlyInCreationException
  • [SPR-17363] - WebTestClient throws IllegalArgumentException for invalid Parameters
  • [SPR-17371] - "This feature requires ASM7" on JDK11 on nested classes
  • [SPR-17373] - MockHttpServletRequest doesn't reset InputStream/Reader on setContent
  • [SPR-17374] - MethodValidationPostProcessor validates FactoryBean methods for which validation is not applicable

New Feature

  • [SPR-8891] - Convenient programmatic bean retrieval with qualifiers


  • [SPR-17291] - Document the need for consistent access to form data through ServerWebExchange
  • [SPR-17299] - Misleading description in Autowired javadoc
  • [SPR-17317] - Misleading JavaDoc in ServletUriComponentsBuilder
  • [SPR-17366] - DateTimeFormat Javadoc is not correct
  • [SPR-17372] - Upgrade to Objenesis 3.0


  • [SPR-14471] - Add autowiring support to SpringBeanJobFactory
  • [SPR-17239] - WebTestClient.bindToRouterFunction(...) with exception handler not working
  • [SPR-17250] - Improve WebFlux performance for header management
  • [SPR-17295] - Support for removeHeader in MockHttpServletRequest
  • [SPR-17307] - Unnecessary sort in AbstractApplicationEventMulticaster
  • [SPR-17323] - Quartz job bean can't have constructor with injected parameters
  • [SPR-17326] - BasicAuthorizationInterceptor should add its header conditionally
  • [SPR-17330] - HeaderResultMatchers susceptible to slight variations in the date format
  • [SPR-17333] - ClassUtils could use long form of Class.forName
  • [SPR-17336] - MonoToListenableFutureAdapter.cancel problems
  • [SPR-17338] - ServerWebInputException is throw each time Http request with mandatory request parameters is handled.
  • [SPR-17352] - Replace context by provider<Foo>() in Kotlin bean DSL
  • [SPR-17364] - How does DeferredResult get the value after the timeout


  • [SPR-17327] - Leverage ObjectProvider instead of autowired containers

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