Release Notes - Spring Framework - Version 5.1.2 - HTML format


  • [SPR-17409] - Improve guidance on working with and releasing DataBuffer's
  • [SPR-17410] - Review DataBuffer handling in Servlet and Undertow server adapters
  • [SPR-17411] - Review DataBufferUtils
  • [SPR-17418] - Review decoders and message readers
  • [SPR-17419] - Review encoders and message writers
  • [SPR-17424] - Review Jetty ClientHttpConnector code for buffer handling on error/cancellation


  • [SPR-16931] - Unable to use Kotlin enums with @Validated beans
  • [SPR-16983] - ForwardedHeaderFilter does not respect Servlet forwarding
  • [SPR-17383] - ExceptionHandlerExceptionResolver started to log on WARN level
  • [SPR-17386] - MethodValidationPostProcessor still validates FactoryBean methods on CGLIB proxies
  • [SPR-17395] - WebFlux.fn puts wrong type of HandlerMapping.BEST_MATCHING_PATTERN_ATTRIBUTE
  • [SPR-17396] - CORS detection for reactive stack on tomcat/netty is broken
  • [SPR-17397] - LogFormatUtils.formatValue does not leniently handle toString() exceptions
  • [SPR-17415] - Cannot overwrite content-type response header with WebFlux
  • [SPR-17417] - Spring logs a nasty looking stack trace for unhandled classpath URL
  • [SPR-17421] - ResourceUrlEncodingFilter does not work with HttpServletRequestWrapper
  • [SPR-17430] - SpringBeanContainer for Hibernate 5 does not deal with NoSuchBeanDefinitionException
  • [SPR-17432] - CssLinkResourceTransformer breaks absolute paths
  • [SPR-17433] - Configure ResourceUrlProvider in WebFlux and resource chain infrastructure


  • [SPR-17306] - WebSocketSession#close never emit when using ReactorHttpServer
  • [SPR-17384] - Clarify if @DependsOn influences bean destroy lifecycle ordering
  • [SPR-17392] - DefaultListableBeanFactory.getBeanNamesForAnnotation : Improve javadoc
  • [SPR-17400] - Improve documentation on reactive types for ResponseEntity
  • [SPR-17414] - Spring MVC DispatcherServlet initialization parameter contextClass in documentation should implement ConfigurableWebApplicationContext not WebApplicationContext


  • [SPR-17393] - Remove transfer-encoding check in EncoderHttpMessageWriter and related workaround in ReactorServerHttpResponse
  • [SPR-17404] - Make InvocableHandlerMethod.getMethodArgumentValues from private to protected.
  • [SPR-17405] - Allow binding all MultipartFile instances as handler method argument
  • [SPR-17408] - Review DataBuffer handling code for proper release in case of error or cancellation
  • [SPR-17413] - SpringFactoriesLoader should tolerate whitespace
  • [SPR-17420] - Relax handler supports checks in WebFlux RequestMappingHandlerAdapter

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