Release Notes - Spring Framework - Version 4.3.21 - HTML format


  • [SPR-17383] - ExceptionHandlerExceptionResolver started to log on WARN level
  • [SPR-17386] - MethodValidationPostProcessor still validates FactoryBean methods on CGLIB proxies
  • [SPR-17417] - Spring logs a nasty looking stack trace for unhandled classpath URL
  • [SPR-17421] - ResourceUrlEncodingFilter does not work with HttpServletRequestWrapper
  • [SPR-17439] - RestTemplate does not throw exception for custom error codes
  • [SPR-17476] - NamedParameterJdbcTemplate batchUpdate returns an array of size 1 when the batchArgs passed is an empty array
  • [SPR-17492] - wrong return value
  • [SPR-17508] - Reserializing a lenient fallback DefaultListableBeanFactory causes an error
  • [SPR-17524] - getBeanNamesForType(ResolvableType) doesn't work for raw singleton instance from @Bean method with generic return type


  • [SPR-17384] - Clarify if @DependsOn influences bean destroy lifecycle ordering
  • [SPR-17392] - DefaultListableBeanFactory.getBeanNamesForAnnotation : Improve javadoc
  • [SPR-17414] - Spring MVC DispatcherServlet initialization parameter contextClass in documentation should implement ConfigurableWebApplicationContext not WebApplicationContext
  • [SPR-17445] - Doc: Class-level `@Transactional` doesn't demarcate transactions for public methods in parent class
  • [SPR-17536] - Misleading alias definition example in reference documentation, part 1.3.1


  • [SPR-17413] - SpringFactoriesLoader should tolerate whitespace
  • [SPR-17518] - Expose mapped handler as request attribute in spring-webmvc

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