Release Notes - Spring Framework - Version 5.0.12 - HTML format


  • [SPR-8335] - 'default-lazy-init' attribute is not processed when XSD validation is disabled
  • [SPR-17540] - Spring JavaMailSenderImpl does not show proper message when recipient list is empty
  • [SPR-17559] - Potential resource leak in DataSourceUtils.doGetConnection
  • [SPR-17565] - SpEL variable evaluation fails with NPE against ConcurrentHashMap
  • [SPR-17566] - MockHttpServletRequest changes Accept-Language header values
  • [SPR-17592] - Exporting a lazily initialized bean (which implements SelfNaming and is annotated with ManagedResource annotation) gives IllegalStateException
  • [SPR-17605] - SpEL, error parsing big InlineMap
  • [SPR-17607] - @Value Optional<...> field injection fails in case of registered ConversionService
  • [SPR-17609] - ChannelSendOperator does not propagate cancel signal to the server
  • [SPR-17619] - Cannot convert from Collection to RegularEnumSet
  • [SPR-17623] - MockMvcResultMatchers.forwardedUrl argument is not declared as nullable
  • [SPR-17630] - UriComponentsBuilder.toUriString() is broken


  • [SPR-17556] - Error in reference documentation sentence in part 1.8.1. Customizing Beans by Using a BeanPostProcessor
  • [SPR-17581] - Typo in SpEL Evaluation Context Sample
  • [SPR-17583] - Clarify whether spring-jms 5.x is still able to run with a JMS 1.1 provider


  • [SPR-17560] - NettyDataBufferFactory.join should return original buffer as-is in case of a single element (for compatibility with Netty 4.1.32)

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