Release Notes - Spring Security - Version 3.2.0.M1 - HTML format


  • [SEC-2035] - spring-security-crypto does not have manifest entries
  • [SEC-2066] - ConcurrentModificationException when intercepting method pointcut
  • [SEC-2072] - <security:anonymous> no longer supports multiple authories
  • [SEC-2074] - Injection of MethodSecurityMetadataSource through XML
  • [SEC-2084] - NullPointerException for intercept-url without specified method


  • [SEC-1961] - SubjectDnX509PrincipalExtractor default subjectDnPattern does not work for certificates where CN is at end of the DN string
  • [SEC-2122] - Update BCrypt to be best practice

New Feature

  • [SEC-1998] - Support for Servlet 3.0/3.1 asynchronous request processing
  • [SEC-2077] - Concurrency Support
  • [SEC-2079] - Implement Servlet 3 HttpServletRequest Authentication Methods
  • [SEC-2092] - Create Servlet API sample application

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